Is your ideal escape a real life version of the island emoji complete with golden sand and pixel-perfect palm tree? Is it an exotic adventure off the beaten path of the mainland à la Robinson Crusoe? Or do you simply need an excuse to get far, far away (we’re not judging). These are the classic images that hold up the island escape in our minds and our travel experts are used to matching clients with their version of excellence, archipelago style. But interestingly, the idea of an island holiday seems not only more enticing now than ever, but smarter. Read on if you’re ready to be convinced… 

1. The world’s islands are quickly recovering from covid-19

Surrounded by the ocean by definition, it is the nature of an island to be somewhat secluded. In the current circumstances, it’s encouraging to see this playing out to the advantage of beautiful islands around the world as they have already managed to contain and conquer the pandemic. In the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles and Mauritius have announced zero new cases over the past few weeks and are putting preparations in place to welcome future visitors as safely and warmly as ever. Governing bodies are pulling out all the stops to ensure happy and healthy travel, so these island nations may well be the front-runners for holidays in 2021. 

The same goes for multiple nations in the Caribbean as islands including St Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Aruba, and Turks and Caicos have reported no new cases along with their plans to gradually ease restrictions and adapt to new worldwide protective standards. As if these Caribbean islands weren’t appealing enough before with their stunning nature and easygoing disposition, they now represent an added feeling of comfort in their separation from the rest of the world. If you think next year you’ll be seeking something a little less densely connected and populated, we can recommend the island escape for you. 


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2. You can pretty much have the place to yourself

Private island resorts are an enticing option for those looking to dial up the seclusion even further on their next holiday. Moreover, it’s an incredibly special experience sharing a small (but perfectly formed) island with just a handful of other guests and staff where you feel like nothing is off limits – an unfamiliar feeling to most at the moment. For those who have been put off by the fact they aren’t mega-rich or super-famous – don’t be. There are some incredible single-island escapes out there that won’t break the bank. Leave six-figure stays for Richard Branson and opt for an equally worthy paparazzi hideout.

Some of our all time favourites include Petit St. Vincent, which is located 40 miles south of Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Alternatively, Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers a unique layout with twin islands named ‘Chill’ and ‘Play’ – one kitted out for exciting activities and the other for slower-paced spa and soothing swimming. We can’t go without mentioning the incredible Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, either, which is also an amazing option if you’re looking for the luxury of space on your next holiday.


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3. There are even brand new islands cropping up

We can’t deny that forward-thinking, record-breaking Dubai is the world champion of the next big thing. Without ever shying away from grandeur or innovation, this Arab emirate is certainly somewhere that loves the limelight. So in 2008 when it was announced that they were set to build a Europe-themed archipelago just off the coast of Dubai, as outrageous as it sounds, some thought this level of spectacle actually sounded typical for a holiday in Dubai! Now with more details on ‘world’s first’ attractions, sneak peek preview images and a tantalisingly close 2020 completion date, this might be Dubai’s most daring and exciting project yet.

The ‘Heart of Europe’ aims to break not just one ‘world first’, but six. Visitors on their holiday to Dubai will be able to experience not only the fantastic climate of Arabia, but also the world’s first outdoor snow plaza and the world’s first artificial rainy streets. Here in the Heart of Europe, you’ll also find the world’s first dedicated family hotel and the world’s first dedicated wedding hotel. If that doesn’t float your boat, perhaps the world’s first underwater hotel with gym and spa, or first floating and underwater living experience, will. This impressive list of ambitious, never-seen-before features are sure to make jaws drop and heads turn. 


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4. Incredible health benefits of an island getaway

We also need to take into account the life-affirming qualities that an exotic island holiday can offer. With 2020 so far being a year of limiting discoveries further than your doorstep, next year should more than make up for it. There is something irresistible about an island that is intrepid in spirit and calling to be explored, so what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself to tick a few things off your bucket list and try some new, daring activities in a destination you’ve never seen before. Zip-lining in St. Lucia, sailing in Crete, or volcano trekking in Bali – the choice is all yours.

After a long period of staying at home and putting your plans on hold, an island getaway is just what the doctor ordered. Sun and sea is not only a recipe for an idyllic break, but part of the natural therapy we all need after lockdown. The essential vitamin D we get from the sun helps our bodies to fight illness and low moods. Meanwhile, as well as being relaxing and refreshing, swimming in seawater can have countless positive effects on your skin, circulation and immune system. In short, science is telling us to get out there and book a beach break! We don’t know about you, but we’re not going to say no to science.


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2021 Island Holidays with Kenwood Travel

So there it is – the argument for an island holiday in 2021 is undeniable. Whether you need something a little more secluded, more luxurious, or more exciting for your next trip, an island holiday has what you need. From cutting loose in Ibiza and beach-hopping in the Caribbean, to laying low in the Maldives, the experts at Kenwood Travel have done it all. Feel free to visit our website at to browse our island getaways. Otherwise, to contact us simply call 020 7749 9220 to request a quote or personal recommendation.

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