Season seven of Game of Thrones is sweeping the nation with controversial characters, gruesome plotlines, tense battles and, of course, stunning locations. These are where George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels come to life, and the best thing about fantasy lands like Westeros and Essos is that they’re far closer to British travellers than you may think.  Scroll below to discover our top five Game of Thrones tour locations that really exist. 


Game of Thrones Tours of Morocco

Morocco boasts several cities that feature prominently in HBO’s hit TV show, all accessible from Angsana Riad Blanc in Marrakech. 

The Game of Thrones team have a lot of accolades to their name. But one of their most impressive feats is finding the perfect Game of Thrones filming locations. The first stop on our Game of Thrones tour is Morocco. This country is both beautiful and enigmatic, rich in culture, history and nature. It proved the perfect backdrop to many of Daenerys Targaryen’s scenes including Yunkai, and Astapor, the home of the unsullied. These locations can be found at Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Marrakech, and Essaouira

LOOK OUT FOR: Guests visiting Essaouira on their Morocco holiday can pinpoint the exact spot where the Queen of Dragons uttered her famous line Dracarys.


Kenwood Travel Game of Thrones tours in Iceland

Beyond the wall: Iceland is far more beautiful (and far safer) than its televised counterpart suggests.

Washed out vistas, behemothic glaciers, hot-steam ice caves and frozen wastelands: There’s no better place to showcase life north of The Wall than Iceland. Game of Thrones filming locations range from Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull to ice cave Benediktsson which housed Jon Snow’s passionate night with Ygritte. Iceland’s hauntingly beautiful scenery is ideal for Night Kings, the walking dead and the most well-known Game of Thrones locations.

LOOK OUT FOR Amid battlefields, and white-walker infested glaciers, make sure to visit the Eyrie at Þingvellir National Park  on your Iceland Game of Thrones tour.


Game of Thrones tours to Spain

The ‘Tower of Joy’ in Game of Thrones, and The Castle of Zafra in real life. This Spanish landmark is a sight to behold.

Both a veteran and a newcomer to Game of Thrones filming locations, Spain sees a number of poignant scenes from the show. From Samwell Tarly’s home, Thorn Hill (Castell de Santa Florentina), the Tower of Joy (Castle of Zafra) and the Dothraki Sea (Bardenas Reales). The versatile Spanish mainland also doubled up for Dorne, the Meereen fighting Pits and the Bridge of Volantis. Most of these can be reached easily from Barcelona

LOOK OUT FOR: The Tower of Joy, known in the real world as Castle of Zafra, is worth a visit regardless of whether you’re familiar with Game of Thrones or not on your next holiday to Spain.

Northern Ireland

Kenwood Travel Game of Thrones tours in Northern Ireland.

With most of the show filmed in Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones fans will find a fantastical setting wherever they look.

One of the more well known Game of Thrones filming locations, Northern Island is the UK entry on this list. The beautifully windswept country features some of the most striking scenes and scenery of the show. Well-known places filmed in Northern Ireland include Winterfell, Castle Black, Hardhome, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, and the Stormlands. Oh, plus it’s home to the King in the North.

LOOK OUT FOR: Castle Ward. Thats Winterfell to you and me, and home to the King in the North. 


Kenwood Travel Game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik.

Guests on their Game of Thrones holiday to Dubrovnik will live like a Queen when they stay at Grand Villa Argentina.

Of all the Game of Thrones cities, King’s Landing is one of the most (in)famous. Both a place where main characters have met their end, and new characters introduced, King’s Landing has been through the ravages of war. But it still remains a defiantly stunning location. That’s because in real life, King’s landing is the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is one of those Game of Thrones locations that proved perfect for the fantasy epic. This is helped by its medieval-style streets, epic city squares, ominous castles and the shimmering Adriatic sea. Strolling Dubrovnik’s streets will lead you to many famous scenes from the show from the battle of the Blackwater to the walk of atonement. Game of Thrones shooting locations are easy to find on your next holiday to Dubrovnik.

LOOK OUT FOR: St Donimika Street for the gold cloaks, and Trsteno Arboretum for King’s Landing garden scenes.  Grand Villa Argentina, pictured, is perfect for guests seeking the ultimate Game of Thrones experience. 

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