It’s no exaggeration to say Saint Lucia is one of the most picturesque islands in the world. From the beautiful beaches to the jungle-shrouded mountains, this Caribbean getaway is pure Instagram gold. So, camera phones and hashtags at the ready, because we’ve assembled the definitive list of Saint Lucia’s most Instagrammable locations. 

The Pitons


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When you think of St. Lucia, you think gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and, of course, the iconic Pitons. The Gros Piton and Petit Piton (which means big spike and little spike in French) are two evergreen mountains which have attracted photographers from all over the world to snap some stunning panoramic shots.A great way to get an Insta-worthy photo of this world heritage site is from a boat with the glistening sea in the foreground.  Avid hikers can also trek along one of the many guided trails to take a bird’s eye view from the very top of either mountain. For some of the best views of the Pitons, book your St. Lucia holiday at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, which is located right at the foot of the mountains.

Marigot Bay


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Marigot Bay is as much a favourite among locals as tourists, thanks to its small beaches and entertainment venues. Home to some of St. Lucia’s lively bars and restaurants, Marigot Bay is a great place to visit whether it’s for a night out or afternoon wander. You’ll find a range of boats lined up by the dock, bobbing on the light blue waters of the Caribbean Sea which makes for a great backdrop for a selfie. Marigot Bay is also arguably the best spot to watch the sun go down and witness the transition of blue skies turning into shades of pink and coral. Definitely worth a gram.

Jade Mountain Resort

Inspire your Insta followers with pics of the mesmerising Jade Mountain hotel

This millennial-approved St. Lucia resort is the ideal place for an infinity pool Insta-snap. The Jade Mountain Resort can be found perched on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Pitons. With views like this, it would be hard to resist showing it off to your followers (#WishYouHere). Plus, as a guest, you’ll be able to wake up to this gorgeous view every morning as every room and suite feature this stunning view. Plus! Each accommodation comes with its own infinity pool, #Paradise. Ready to reserve your Insta-worthy room? Book your holiday to Jade Mountain Resort by visiting our website or by speaking to one of our Caribbean experts on 020 7749 9245.

Pigeon Island


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This 44-acre island was once the hideout of infamous pirate James de Bois. Over time, the small island became a military staging point by the British army. Pigeon Island is now the site of St. Lucia’s popular Jazz Festival and a hotspot for inspiring Instagrammers. Although a man-made causeway was built in 1972, the island still feels like its own entity which makes for great ‘private-island’ style images. Climb up Signal Peak for a panoramic photo op of the island.

Diamond Botanical Gardens


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The Diamond Botanical Gardens is home to some of St. Lucia’s most vibrant foliage, making it a go-to spot for some tropical selfies. The colourful exotic flowers add a unique spin to your St. Lucia Instagram posts, while adding that little extra pop of colour. The garden’s main attraction though is the enchanting waterfalls. Surrounded by overgrown vines and moss-covered rocks, the Diamond Falls look and feel like a magical hideaway. Get your supermodel pose ready, because you won’t want to miss this Insta opportunity.


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