Oman’s got a fine, rugged manly-man shaped landscape. It’s got mountains to the north and south, desert in the centre and is surrounded by a whole heap of the wet stuff, like most non-landlocked places really. Oman’s coarse exterior offers plenty of scope for land and water related adventure, here’s just some of the stuff you can do while on your Oman holidays.

Desert Safaris

Have you ever wanted to explore the desert? Never, really? Well, if all that arid sand, oppressive heat and total lack of water doesn’t inspire you how about having a BBQ under the stars, going for camel rides or exploring Barasti Huts and dunes? Sound better? If you’re still not convinced a desert rats life is for you, then try door number two, or put more accurately option two…


Oman is positively overflowing with places people can jump, drop or abseil their way to adventure related heaven. Along the valleys you might even find the odd pool you can swim through. There’s also the Snake Gorge Walk which encompasses some three kilometres of walking, swimming and generally acting like Action Man until you come out at Al-Zamman. Throughout the journey you’ll sweep by waterfalls, pools and many, many various sized rocks.


Oman offers a wide range of luxury holidays based around diving related activities and with good reason, it has some of the best diving business in the region. Boats sail past miles of golden beach, set against a backdrop of beautiful mountains as they lead you to one of the country’s 100 or so dive sites. Even inexperienced divers can get up close and personal with dolphins, turtles and whale sharks and experience the beauty of the Omani seas.

Hiking and Trekking

What adventure related holiday wouldn’t be complete without a good walk? Most? Well perhaps, but still Oman has a lot to offer for those looking for a vigorous constitutional.  Hikers can trek through mountains, cool down in shimmering pools and peer at the remarkable views on offer from the country’s many canyons.


Finally, if you’re looking to truly get acquainted with the local environment you should probably avoid the whole hotel/hostel thing and go straight for camping. With sweeping beaches and sparkling sands, Oman has plenty of ideal locations to pitch your mobile home for a night. The odd place will require a government permit (Turtle Beach, Saiq Plateau, for instance) but in most places you’re free to camp to your heart’s content.

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