Some cities can overwhelm with their entertainment offer and you might feel like there’s so much to do that you’ll end up missing out on the fun.

Of course, Las Vegas is one of these cities. It’s the only place outside France where you will find an Eiffel tower. It’s a gate to the dessert and a fantastic base for exploring the nearby Grand Cannon. It’s full of iconic landmarks, hotels and casinos such as the Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo’s, Monte Carlo…I know, I’m feeling dizzy too.

To make the most of your visit to Las Vegas you must plan your movements in advance. What shows are you going to see should be the first thing to think about. I can give you an answer…all you need is LOVE.

Yes, the other love too, but I’m talking about the famous musical put together by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage hotel- a spectacular show that has been running since 2006 blending Beatles music with contemporary dance and mind-bending performances.

You might argue that we are all a bit tired of the Liverpool foursome by now, but what Love brings you is a complete different angle, or as Los Angeles Times put it when it reviewed the show: “Hear the Beatles with fresh ears… as if for the first time.”

The master touch by the always innovative Cirque du Soleil comes with the structure of the play: it doesn’t follow a chronological order and it lacks of historic rigour. Instead, theirs is a take on feelings. An emotional trip that pass through the band great and definite moments. Regardless to say that you will hear all the classic Beatles songs. Come together!

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