It might feel like something out of James Bond, but at the Conrad Rangali Maldives it’s the lucky guests with the opportunity to feel like they’ve climbed aboard the underwater Atlantis base in The Spy who Loved me. The spectacularly romantic destination of Ithaa Restaurant will get more than just spies in an amorous mood however, sited 16 feet below the waves of the crystal-clear, turquoise-tinted Indian Ocean, this is truly a dazzling place to have dinner.

You’ll feel like the roles have been reversed – that it’s you in the aquarium with the fish on the outside looking in! And whilst you might be savouring the stunning subaqua views through the canopy of curved acrylic, staring in amazement as the ghostly forms of manta rays and baby sharks glide past, the poor fish have to watch you tucking into their delicious and freshly caught brethren!

This intimate and magnificently romantic undersea haven might seem like the dining establishment of Jacques Cousteau’s undoubtedly damp dreams, being as it appears like the type of watery paradise the French underwater explorer might have lingered in for more than an aperitif. Captain Cousteau would no doubt have appreciated the combination of undersea ambiance and, being French, of course he would have savoured the fine cuisine and hand-picked, wonderful wine selection.

Constructed in Singapore and shipped to the Maldives, this 175 tonne miracle of underwater architecture is the ultimate in luxury Maldives destinations. Here you are surrounded by astonishing 180-degree vistas of the sumptuous submarine world. You can sit wide-eyed as awe-inspiring and sublime swirls of vivid tropical fish swoop and drift by. You won’t need to drink like the fish however, as you sip your delicately chilled Champagne cocktail; you’ll be intoxicated enough already on the sheer romance and the magical, out-of-this-world atmosphere of this stunning dinning destination.

So don’t get too distracted by the surroundings and you let you meal get cold! Enveloped in a glowing, velvety curtain of cobalt-blue water, you can indulge in the impeccable culinary delights offered up by the five-star resort’s wonderful chefs. Feast on a delectable fusion of Maldivian and Western cuisine, bursting with all of the mouth-wateringly authentic flavours of the Indian Ocean. Advance booking and smart attire is naturally a must – but of course, all those budding James Bonds wouldn’t be seen dead at the dinner table without their jacket, even if it is just the other dozen dinners and the fishes that will be watching.

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