Applause thickens and fanfares rise as two shadowy figures emerge from behind velvet curtains and greet the compere. The man commences requisite banter, desperately playing off his partner’s hesitant reaction while trying to read a 3-point font autocue. He’s opened many an envelope, but this one proves an inconvenient challenge. He unfolds its shredded contents, and to baited breath announces:

“And the winner is…”

Well, okay, I didn’t have a dinner jacket or a Hollywood starlet incapable of acting out a minute-long skit. And unfortunately the winners couldn’t be with us today or join us live via video-link from the Caribbean. Although we’d certainly encourage them to book a holiday there.

What I did have was an office of busy people and a couple of Kindles to give away. And that’s glamour enough for me.

So, from Kenwood Travel hearty congratulations go to [cue fanfare] … Jane Murray, and Lisa Ashford!

Thanks to everyone that entered. Jane and Lisa were the lucky two picked from the hat out of the many hundreds that LIKED and SHARED the Kenwood Travel homepage on Facebook.

Well, we like them too, and so we’ve shared with them two Amazon Kindles.

Tenuous link, I know.

Jane says she’s going to give her Kindle to her daughter after her mum began singing its praises.

And Lisa reckons the Kindle will save a few rain forests. Well, now her daughter – also the soon-to-be-happy recipient – can bring her Kindle along on her next holiday, exploring all that tropical landscape she’s saved.

Ok, that was tenuous.

Anyway, a massive well done to both of them from all of us.

For all those lovely people that entered but didn’t win, we’ve another competition running right now. And the prize? At the risk of sounding a little bit Generation Game, it’s a cuddly toy!

Actually it’s two giant-sized Mickey and Minnie Mouse cuddly toys. To be in with a chance of winning click LIKE on our sister site Florida Holidays’ Facebook page at


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