Whilst normal life for us human beings has been temporarily upended by the covid-19 pandemic – its effects both all-encompassing and beyond a shred of doubt – the results aren’t all so bad. Since the majority of our daily activity has been confined to the realms of our homes, nature has shown incredible signs of recovery. Lockdown measures have enticed wild species into urban centres around the world, lack of traffic (air, road and water) equals a decline in pollution, and reduced mowing could save bee populations across the globe. Happy Earth Day. 

Nature’s urban comeback

Although there has been a barrage of fake news lately surrounding unusual animal behaviours since the pandemic struck (dolphins in Venice’s canals? Drunk elephants in China?), a lot of these stories legitimately check out. The allure of crowd-free streets has proven irresistible for roaming deer in the Japanese city of Nara, meanwhile coyotes have been spotted in built-up areas in the US, such as San Francisco. Moreover, lesser-sighted and even endangered animals such as jaguars and crocodiles have been enjoying Cancun and the Riviera Maya. I mean, can you blame them?


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New beginnings in the Maldives

It’s not just land animals resurfacing, either. With fewer boats, the world has seen some encouraging signs of life in the water. Fasmendhoo Island, home to Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, has just become a nesting site for endangered hawksbill sea turtles. “To have this specific species of turtle hatching here on this island is good for the environment, and we are incredibly proud of that,” says Giorgia Maggioni, resident marine biologist at the resort. This hatching is also good news for the future, as the turtles will continue to navigate back to this exact spot in the Maldives for a lifetime. Don’t know about you, but we’re definitely noting this for our next adventure abroad.


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Wild in Dubai

Whilst the corporate world grinds to a halt, natural life is growing through the cracks and we each have a little more appreciation for its pure beauty and power. Even the super-modern concrete jungles of this world haven’t escaped the Snow White effect. The fast-paced and futuristic city of Dubai has greeted these scenes with a mixture of admiration and bemusement. Among the recently reported sightings are sand gazelles in the Gardens area of Jebel Ali, a lone peacock strutting outside a shopping mall, and regionally endangered Oman cownose stingrays in the Dubai Marina and Business Bay. 


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Blue skies in big cities

Social distancing and lockdown measures have also had their effect on our skies. Cities worldwide have reported reductions in air pollution as shelter-in-place and work-from-home orders have limited car travel. These include New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. China’s efforts to manage the effects of coronavirus also seem to have had a drastic impact. NASA’s satellites have picked up on a noticeable reduction in nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere across the country. Similarly, Northern Italy has experienced a sharp reduction in pollution, which can also be seen from space.


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Your next big adventure

Although travel lovers all around the world have had their plans put on hold due to the pandemic, we think it’s incredibly important to remain optimistic. Now is the time to dream big and think of all the amazing discoveries you’ll make on your next adventure. If you need an escape to look forward to, book now and enjoy low flight & hotel prices, plus our no risk, no deposit policy for a limited time only. We’re accepting bookings right up until 2021 at Kenwood Travel, so what are you waiting for? Start looking today.

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