Valentine’s Day in Barbados you might imagine is a fairly perfect affair. Bare feet on white sandy beaches; your partner and you hand in hand; swaying palms and perfect sunsets; dining al fresco; condom application workshops.

OK, that last one does send out a wholly different message to a bunch of roses. But it’s nevertheless an important one I think we can agree.

You see, Barbados Port this week is running the very timely ‘Love Safely Week’, in partnership with the AIDS Foundation of Barbados. And they’ll be down at the Port today and tomorrow raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, and demonstrating and distributing condoms.

It is part of the Port’s new drive and policy to raise awareness of the disease with its workers, who operate at a border front line, and promote good sexual health. Meanwhile the Port wishes to promote a sustainable AIDS policy across its entire operation.

Talking to local paper The Barbados Advocate, David Jean-Marie, Chief Executive Officer of Barbados Port Inc said: “This strategic alliance is quite timely for our company, as we have recently completed our HIV/AIDS policy, which will signal our intention to fight against this devastating epidemic, and resolve to ensure they the working environment at the Port remains healthy and safe for all employees.”

So I guess there’s little more to say except hats off to them. Or on, rather.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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