They say that the most beautiful mountains are those you haven’t been to… yet. The same may be true for beaches, although, admittedly, right now for me any beach would do. And I mean any.

Before googling, I’d better check my inner encyclopaedia. Hmm… From the top of my head, the closest beach to London, where I am now, is Brighton. And no, the one on the south bank of the river Thames does not count – it’s not wow, and it’s not even a beach. Anyway, so Brighton it is. *Looks through the window and at the weather forecast* Yes, Brighton it is, but not the one in Britain. Rather, the one in Barbados.

The palm trees, the ocean breeze, a nice tan during the day, and then a strong(-ish) cocktail in the night…  Now, why am I torturing myself with this? Oh dear.

But day-dreaming, just like the show, must go on. So what are the best beaches in Barbados, apart from the Brighton one?

The general rule is, they’re all awesome: soft, white, fine sand and a horizon to rest your eyes on. All beaches are open to the public, but only as long as you’re wearing at least something – nudism is not encouraged in Barbados, to put it diplomatically… Which is a great opportunity to show off your super-mega-amazing swimming suit!

But back to the subject. So, fellow day-dreamers, let’s see what Barbados has on the menu:

Brighton: A very popular beach in Barbados, a bit like the one in England.

Crane Beach: An archetype of a true palm-fringed Caribbean beach. Used to be a harbour once, but is now a favourite among locals and visitors.

Bathsheba: Big waves are great for surfing, while shallow inshore pools are perfect for those who prefer to stay on the safe side.

Cattlewash: Cows used to bathe here, although they had to be careful because there are strong currents in the area. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Bath: Again, not the one in England! A peaceful beach on the Atlantic, protected by a reef.

Miami Beach: A fine stretch of soft soft sand. Baywatch on duty!

Foul Bay: Great for picnics, never crowded. Not foul at all.

Ginger Bay: “The best-kept secret”. Mysterious… Absolutely stunning!

Bottom Bay: Surrounded by cliffs… As seen in postcards.

Shark’s Hole: A tiny yet stunning beach. And sharks, they say, stay away from it.

…And then some more. That’s it! I’m convinced. Sorry Brighton in England, this time it will have to be your name-fellow in Barbados.

Or should it be another one? What’s your experience? What are the best beaches in Barbados?

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