While you are waiting for life to begin in your 40’s and regretting your mistakes in your 20’s, just what can you do in the meantime? Why, you can celebrate your 30’s of course in style at Lexy’s Piano Bar, Barbados.

Lexy’s is a renowned bar that combines live music with great Japanese cuisine which will ensure that you have a great time from sundown to sunset. It boasts of an exclusive selection of international piano players who encourage guests to sing along to classic songs such as ‘New York, New York’. It also has Alex Santoriello, a Broadway star as your host who has starred in ‘Les Miserables’.

Be amazed at the speed that Lexy’s exquisite Japanese chefs prepare tasty delights such as the Shrimp Teriyaki. Indulge in some stir – fried meat and vegetables or ‘Teppanyaki’ as the locals call it, prepared right in front of you! Try a ‘Teppanyaki’ combination; I’ve always found that their steak and lobster selection goes quite well together.

One of the main highlights of dining at Lexy’s in January 2012 is to experience the melodic sounds of Jason Libs. This all round entertainer from Midwestern USA revisits this Piano Bar to deliver yet another outstanding performance using his strong vocal range. When I saw him last, his best performance was ‘Use Somebody’ when everyone joined in. One of the most memorable nights of my life!

If you are hungry for more around the town of St. James, Barbados, pay a visit to some of the historic churches such as St Frances of Assisi if only for its beautiful architecture.

Or shop in a tropical setting when at the Chattel Village, well – known for its local fashion and artsy scene.

Where is your favourite piano bar? Let us know what you think.

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