Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of things that we love about holidays. The change of culture, the weather, the sights, the lazy days… and of course the many pre-holiday shopping trips that we all embark on. Everybody does it, splurges a little more cash than usual on new garments before a holiday. After buying yourself everything you could possibly need, it always turns to picking up the things that you merely want and since you’re already treating yourself to say a holiday in the Caribbean, where’s the harm in spending a little more? I don’t know what it is and I don’t think anybody ever truely will, but us Brits, especially, cannot go abroad without ensuring half of what we’re taking with us is brand new.

A hat of some form is a necessity, sunglasses, shorts, dresses, t shirts, shirts, skirts, trousers, jewelery, shoes, lounging clothes, flip flops, bikinis and swimsuits and thats only daywear, what are you going to purchase to put on in the evenings?! Unfortunately, not everybody’s suitcases can stretch that far, which is what Blue Mojito seem to have had in mind whilst designing their latest products.

I bring you, Resort Wear: The latest and most innovative creation in women’s clothing that we have seen in years. The pieces Blue Mojito have set to be released are handcrafted using only the finest silks and chiffon materials and are all limited edition. Every six to eight weeks you can expect to find a whole new range of clothes, so grab yours quick, which are going to only be available to purchase from www.bluemojito.co.uk and a very small number of boutique stores.

“But just what is Resort Wear?” I hear you asking. Well, Resort Wear is something that we can expect to see popping up and taking off a lot more in the near future. It encompasses a number of styles but the main focus seems to be on Tunics and Kaftans, the ultimate in “lounging-around-in-the-sun” clothing. All pieces, as I mentioned before, are handmade using only the finest quality silks and chiffon materials available, meaning that you can expect light breezy clothing that still retains vast levels of comfort. Perfect for sitting by the pool or beach on a lounger or even for your escapades out exploring the nightlife of wherever it is you’re staying, everything’s covered! (Except your tan…)

Given the high quality of these pieces you can expect them to be priced between £80 and £180, another thing that you can definitely expect is that they are going to last. Whether you decide to purchase yours to wear as an elegant daytime piece, for around the pool or local area, or if you choose yours with the hope of attracting attention in local bars on an evening, you will not be disappointed; jaws will drop and heads will turn wherever you decide to don your selection. Every lady’s holiday wardrobe this year should feature at least one item from Blue Mojito. So, check out the pieces we have exclusive photos of below and get over to www.bluemojito.co.uk now!

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