Here at Kenwood Travel we take pride in knowing exactly where to go for the ultimate luxury holiday, and of course the only way we can know this for sure is through first hand experience. The annual Kenwood Travel christmas party whisks our lucky travel advisors off to a top destination to ‘test the water’ so to speak (nudge nudge, wink wink, #freeholiday), and this December they found themselves at the incredible BodyHoliday resort in sunny St Lucia.

The BodyHoliday resort in St Lucia is fast becoming one of the most renowned spa resorts in the world, with an all-inclusive programme that not only encompasses fantastic eats, but also a range of spa treatments, tons of exercise classes, and great outdoor activities. The idea here is one of ultimate rejuvenation; you can choose to be as active or as idle as you like and the hotel will provide everything you need to satisfy your body, therefore allowing your mind to truly relax. And this all takes place right on a beautiful St Lucian beach, hidden away from the world by the verdant rainforests.


Alright for some, eh? We collared four of our lucky colleagues fresh from their St Lucia sojourn for a chat. Chris, Robyn, Lai and Ali are our dynamic designer, caring Customer Services agent, irrepressible Caribbean specialist and sagacious Senior USA consultant, respectively. Here’s what they thought of the BodyHoliday.

BodyHoliday looks amazing. Can you describe your first impressions of it?

As we started looking around and listening and talking to people you realise that this resort wasn’t just for people who run marathons or can bench press twice their own weight, but that instead it catered for everyone. You can choose what you want to do and when you want to do it and all at your own pace. – Chris

I love it. It’s my 5th trip. It’s my dream resort in the Caribbean. – Lai

My first impression was that the hotel was amazing! The staff gave us such a refreshing welcome; smiling faces, a cold towel and a cool drink. The hotel itself has fantastic rooms which are incredibly clean and well looked after. The feel of the hotel is very relaxed. – Robyn

It was really quaint and made you feel relaxed as soon as you got there. I thought ‘this is lovely’ when I walked onto the beach. – Ali


What was the best thing you did on your St Lucia trip and why?

Zip-lining… I’d never done it before and at first I thought it would be a bit scary, but once you do the test line to ease you in to it, you’ll soon be shouting SUPERMANNNNN!!! – Chris

The exercise classes were very varied; I even did a paddleboard yoga class and managed a headstand. The transfer coach from Rendezvous back to the BodyHoliday with the Karaoke driver; we sang at the top of our voices all the way back! – Lai

Zip-lining! – Ali


Free spa treatments must have been nice. How did BodyHoliday’s spa treatments compare to others you have had?

The spa treatments are of a very high standard, love it. – Lai

I had a Lucian lime and ginger scrub – so wonderful! This treatment also included a small massage which was a lovely and a nice surprise. All of the staff in the spa were so helpful. The setting is fantastic too; up on a hill with brilliant views of the ocean is just the tranquil place you want for your treatments. – Robyn

The massages were great – you get a treatment everyday and it was so nice to go out knowing you’ve got a massage to come back to. It really made my holiday. I always make sure I get a treatment like that, just to zone out. – Ali

bodyblo_sandlove sign

How was the food?

Oh wow, the food was the best thing on the trip. Always different and always fresh. Nice big breakfast in the morning to keep you going till lunch and then even more amazing food. Everything was delicious, even down to the garlic and herb butter with fennel bread before we even got the starter. – Chris

All specialist foods for the healthy minded, creative salads, fresh ingredients, no problem for the wheat and dairy free, the juice bar was a revelation. The buffet, especially the curries, was to die for. – Lai

The food could not have been better. The fish and seafood were out of this world as they were so fresh. The food is cooked to an incredibly high standard. I only ate at the Cariblue Restaurant, which was an a la carte meal on the first evening and buffet thereafter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you don’t want to leave the beach, you can take your plate and eat it there, which was fun. Or there is a deli for lunch and another area for more relaxed (and unhealthy?) lunch such as pizza etc. – Robyn

The food was amazing; everyday there was something different. If you want to be naughty you can, if you want to be really healthy you can. – Ali

Describe your holiday in three words

Relaxing, salsa, sunny. – Chris

Amazing, inspiring and energetic. – Lai

Just three words, that’s hard… Relaxed, Beautiful and Incredible. – Robyn

Relaxing, enjoyable…just really nice. – Ali


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