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Non-smoking in Vegas

Having just recently returned from Las Vegas, something you will very quickly notice when setting foot in a Las Vegas casino is the indoor smoking. As the Vdara is a non-smoking hotel, it doesn’t have that musty smell and is perfect for anti-smoking holidaymakers and families. Located next to the CityCenter shopping complex; a high-end shopping centre with all the big brands, the Vdara is an all-suite hotel and one of the few non-gaming hotels in Las Vegas. Perfect for those looking to get away from the constant gambling and the smell of cigarette smoke.

On my last trip to Vegas I stayed at the Aria and even though this is a new hotel, the musty smell of cigarettes did get a little annoying and the smoky atmosphere a little frustrating. That said, the ventilation systems are very good and the open space, large casino floors and constant cleaning do help the situation immensely. Most of the newer hotels have very effective and technologically advanced air systems allowing them to pump fresh air in. At times you almost forget everyone is smoking, until someone lights a huge cigar right next to you…

While I am on the topic of smoking I would definitely discourage anyone from staying in a smoking-room. Given that you will probably not be spending an awful lot of time in the room and that smokers can pretty much smoke whenever and wherever they want (including some restaurants) it is nice to get away from the constant smell when you do get back to the room. If not then the smell can become overwhelming. On a smoking floor, as soon as you step out of the lift the stale smell of smoke hits you and the rooms are very uncomfortable. Even for smokers there is very little need for a smoking room in Las Vegas.

Other non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas include:

The Signature Hotel at the MGM Grand Hotel

The Westin Casurania Hotel in Las Vegas
Marriott properties
Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel
Hotel Las Vegas Platinum Suites
Trump International Hotel and Tower.

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