We’ve all been there: you’re playing Scrabble and the perfect set of tiles slides into view. Jamaica! 18 points and an opportunity to overlay it on a triple word score for a massive gain! Except, you and your opponent both agreed at the beginning of the game that Mattel’s new proper noun rules are absolutely barmy. “They’re completely against the fine traditions of the game!” you said, knowing that whatever tiles fate handed you, you’d still come out on top.

And so it’s back to the drawing board… you look again at the tiles in front of you. A host of unimpressive three letter words cross your mind. “Jam” would be a respectable 12 points, but it’s hardly going to blow your opponent out of the water…

If only you’d had a look at Kenwood Travel’s Caribbean Scrabble Infographic, you’d know that “Jicama” (the root of a tropical plant called Pachyrhizus erosus) could get you 17 points in your scrabble game. So next time fate deals you a Caribbean island, remember it:

Kenwood Travel Caribbean Scrabble Infographic

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