In spite of its relatively small size, there is plenty of culture to take in on a Seychelles holiday. Here are just some of the enriching experiences on offer when you visit this corner of the Indian Ocean.


Music in the Seychelles has been influenced by a range of different cultures and as a result is both varied and unique. Folk music in the Seychelles is influenced by both the Polka dances of Central Europe as well as contra, a popular traditional dance that has its roots in England and France. As with most of the Indian Ocean, Sega is a popular form of music in the Seychelles. Sega originated in Mauritius and was popular amongst slaves, it soon spread around the islands of the Indian Ocean and as a result now comes in many different forms, the type of Sega that is most popular in the Seychelles is known as Moutya.

Sega Dancers cropped

Colourful Sega Dancers entertain the crowds during a Bastille Day parade.


The Seychelles has provided many artists down the years with a colourful and inspirational landscape in which to work, Seychellois artists have used a range of techniques including sculpture, watercolours and textiles to create wonderful works. Many of the artists active on the islands are actually those who have settled from elsewhere. The most well known of these artists is Michael Adams who was awarded an MBE in 2001. His work truly captures the spirit of the Seychelles via vibrant colours in a variety of mediums including paint and silk-screens.

Seychelles Beach cropped

Stunning views such as this have long been inspiring artists working in the Seychelles


As with most culture found in the Seychelles, architecture is yet another way in which the colonial heritage of the islands becomes evident. A very common feature of Seychellois buildings are courtyards and verandas, this is to ensure that cooling breezes are more easily able to waft through so that the warm climate does not become too stifling. The declivity between property in the Seychelles is further evidence of the colonial past. Separated from the smaller, more confined dwellings lie vast plantations which clearly echo the opulence wealthy landowners who settled on the islands enjoyed during the days of the slave trade.

Whether it’s soulful music, colourful art or beautiful architecture, you’ll never struggle to find amazing culture in the Seychelles when travelling in this wonderful destination.

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