Some places do things a bit differently than others. What might get you called an alcoholic in Paris would probably see you get labelled a light weight in Dublin, what’s funny in New York might not work so well in Phuket.

Dubai is a fine example of a place that doesn’t do things like everywhere else does them. It’s rich, flourishing and full of all the joys a night has to offer. It also a host of rules that some people might find a touch odd.  For instance, public displays of affection are a big no-no. A simple peck on the cheek might get you a few nights in jail. In fact, Dubai has quite  a utilitarian approach to the whole inter-gender relations thing. Adultery is not popular and not just with the victim either. It can see you sent to the slammer and men and women who aren’t married probably shouldn’t sleep in the same bed either.

It’s not just their attitude towards all things sexual which is odd (or akin to that of an old Catholic grandmother) they’re also not keen on alcohol either (something Catholic Grandmother’s are not so against). In fact, drinking in the street – which in fairness is hardly encouraged in most places  – is a definite no-go, as is public drunkenness and getting sick in outside. You probably don’t want to risk a spot of open-air urination either.

You see, to partake in a liquer soaked shindig you need something of a liquer license. It’s an odd one this and would most certainly make American libertarians run to their soapbox if it were to happen within their jurisdiction. Luckily it only happens outside of America which to them only exists to prove a point they have about how not to run America.

Anyway, Dubai. Basically to drink in your own home you need to have a liquer license which you must get signed off on by your boss.  Although who gives the boss permission?

After all of this its seems odd to think that Dubai is one the greatest party cities in the world right now. It’s got some of the finest club nights, some of the greatest DJs and some of the world’s shiniest venues. Mondays are generally pretty dead but feel free to party the night away from Tuesday to Sunday with Thursday and Friday being particularly tasty.  Anyone thinking of going on a holiday to Dubai should also remember one thing; clubs aren’t allowed refuse permission to anyone.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just wander in free of charge, you will probably have to pay a hefty fee to get into some of the more exclusive venues, but at least you’ll almost definitely get in. Unless you’ve no money. In that case it’s probably best to worry about how you’re going to buy food or settle your hotel bill rather than drinking your own body weight in alcohol. Although, if you do get your hands on some, it’ll at least make you forget your money worries… for a few hours.

How the two world’s of Dubai manage to sit by side is anyone’s guess but they do and quite comfortably too. A lot party loving people hope it remains that way for quite some time.

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