If you are planning a trip to St. Lucia in the near future then there is one little bar that we were tipped off about that makes an outstanding place to visit during any memorable break to this delightful Caribbean island. Tucked away in Rodney Bay, around 20 minutes from St. Lucia’s vibrant capital city Castries, the much loved Derilius bar and restaurant offers an exciting new vision for this stunning tropical location.

Effortlessly blending the contemporary buzz of a sophisticated and stylish cocktail bar with the chilled-out ambience of amazing plein air dining, Delirius is fast becoming one of the most well regarded nightspots in St. Lucia. With the finest quality, fresh cuisine on offer, in an friendly and laid-back atmosphere, Delirius is beloved of locals and tourists alike, and indeed is often touted as one of the premier restaurants in Rodney Bay.

Specialising in super-fresh seafood and shellfish, alongside meat-lovers favourites such as the mouth-watering baby-back ribs and speciality steaks and burgers, Delirius serves up only the very finest foodstuffs, direct from the market. This emphasis on freshness means that the menu is responsive to what happens to be looking really great on the stalls that day. This ensures that the dining experience at this place is always as fresh and varied as the food itself.

Renowned for its fantastic service, Delirius is able to boast about being home to Caribbean Bartender of the Year, Alva Preville, along with a dedicated and professional staff who genuinely seem to love what they do. On visiting Delirius you might also have the pleasure to be treated to a stunning cocktail, skilfully crafted by another of the award winning workers. Angostura MixMaster St Lucia 2011 is Bartender Jarvis Popo and Josiah (JoJo) Regis, Bartender and Restaurant Supervisor, won the Silver Medal at the 2011 Chairman’s Reserve Cocktail Challenge (he’s aiming for Gold this year!)

The bar has a lovely, open and welcoming feel to it, with a remarkably elegant appeal, all casually played down so as not to overwhelm the senses with an overload of visual sensations that might detract from the gustatory delights on offer. There is nothing too in-your-face about this place, making it the ideal location for socialising – after all its your friends and loved ones you want to focus on, not to feel distracted by over the top surroundings.

Perhaps this is what makes Delirius such an attractive place to dine, with the restaurant offering an alluring and yet genuinely relaxed and easy-going space that avoids the pitfalls of pretentiousness that so many contemporary cocktail bars and eateries can fall prey to. Achieving such a delicate balance of comfort and chic is not easy; to make this great atmosphere appear so natural, and to make patrons feel so at home here, must take the work of a very special team.

The unique combination of fantastic style and great value means that those in the know flock here to spend a lovely evening with friends, to chat, to eat, to drink or to do business – taking advantage of the wifi availability. Later on the place regularly becomes a vivacious nightspot, as an exciting programme of DJs and live bands come and delight customers with some classic numbers from the 60s, 70s and 80s mixed in with the generally more contemporary vibe.

The signature cocktails are as cool as the décor, and are expertly prepared by the friendly staff from a unique selection of fresh and locally grown ingredients. With a wonderful array of beers and wines available as well as bespoke yacht and villa catering, this place is the perfect addition to any St. Lucia holiday. So as the fresh food, atmosphere and refreshing cocktails become famous far beyond the shores of St. Lucia, paying a visit to this wonderful, horseshoe-shaped bar means that you’ll be the one who’s in luck.

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