The Seychelles is a foodie’s paradise. There are so many experiences just waiting to treat your taste-buds to a culinary master class of fresh produce cooked to very high standards.

As you’d expect from an archipelago nation, seafood is a huge part of Seychellois cuisine. Fish is cooked in many ways here, some meals are expertly grilled while for a unique experience you can try certain dishes that have been lovingly prepared in a banana leaf. A particular delicacy in the Seychelles is tuna fish. Tuna tends to be served as a steak and is normally grilled and presented with a mouthwatering garlic butter that brings out and then elevates the flavour of the fish.

Tuna Steak resize

Tuna steak is a common dish in the Seychelles, the fish provides a hearty meal that is meaty in texture.

A fish dish that is particularly revered in the Seychelles is shark chutney. Traditionally, this popular chutney is made by boiling the shark before adding lime and juice from the bilimbi tree. It is then cooked with onion, pepper, salt and turmeric before being served, normally with papaya and rice.

Vegetarians are also well looked after by Seychellois cuisine. Coconut curries as well as Dhal, a hearty lentil-based dish, are readily available here as well as incredibly well executed rice dishes which are often cooked with full-bodied spices such as saffron. Adventurous diners amongst your group may find themselves tempted by one of the Seychelles’ more interesting specialities.

Dhal resize

Dhal is always a hit among visiting vegetarians.

Bat curry is considered a delicacy in the Seychelles. The fruit bat, which is the species used in the dish, is generally quite bony (much like a small to medium sized fish) and does need to be eaten delicately. However, the taste of the bat is not like chicken but has delicate aromas of beef to its flavour making for a meal that is satisfyingly delicious.

Shark Chutney resize

Shark chutney (right of the picture) served together with a lentil curry as well as papaya on a bed of rice.

Of course, as with many islands that are synonymous with fantastic holidays, the Seychelles boasts a huge array of fabulous eateries. The restaurants here serve a range of cuisines from a host of countries. At Kenwood Travel, we can boast a range of hotels and resorts that are home to restaurants of the highest calibre. For example The Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa is where you’ll find Grann Kaz, this wonderful restaurant seamlessly blends Seychellois cuisine with French and English classics.

Whether it’s seafood that has been plucked straight from the sea, fresh vegetarian plates or even a sample of fruit bat, Seychellois cuisine is incredibly varied but always delicious.

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