Yesterday’s Today’s Talker in the Metro newspaper (#metrotalker) surveyed people’s dream £1million holiday destinations. In third place was the Maldives. Slightly misleading this, wethinks, because we can get you there for a fraction of this price. Stay seven nights pay five at the elegant Coco Bodu Hithi from only £1,799, for example.

A Maldives holiday costs less with Kenwood Travel?

Yep, my schoolboy maths (I mean Google calculator) puts the above Maldives holiday at 0.18% of what what those surveyed thought they’d need to spend.

Not 18%, but 0.18%… Naught. Point. Eight. Teen. Per. Cent. 82 PERCENT LESS THAN ONE. How many ones in a million? Exactly. This is crazy.

Maldives holiday

The divine Coco Bodu Hithi Resort – now officially 99.82% cheaper than the nation thinks.

Nine in the list (out of ten) was Thailand. Why the Land of Smiles wasn’t nearer the number one slot we’ll never know but, again, misleading much? We’ve just released some last minute autumn and winter holidays to Thailand with Centara Hotels & Resorts from £699 per person. That’s a mightily miniscule 0.07% of that cool million Metro readers had in their heads when they were picturing their ninth favourite dream holiday.

Based on our prices (and Google’s handy calculations again), you could go to Thailand 1,430.6151645207439199 times for £1million! Get packing people!

The Dream £1m Holiday Destinations list in full:

1. USA
2. Australia
3. Maldives
4. New Zealand
5. Europe
6. Canada
7. South America
8. China
9. Thailand
10. India

What’s yours?


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Maldives holiday

Maldives holidays with Kenwood Travel

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