Calling all late holiday bookers: it’s Brett Collins, Director of Kenwood Travel, here with a quick update. Today we are free from lockdown number two! It’s so good to think about it and even to type it. Yes, the second lockdown is now behind us, the world is starting to open up as expected, things do feel much better, and the pendulum is swinging back to positivity.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a tremendous volume of bookings opting for Maldives holidays here at Kenwood Travel. But I’d actually like to bring your attention to Dubai, as over the last seven days, Dubai holidays have taken the top position. I’ve never seen such a rush for November and December bookings in all my years in this business. Normally at this time of year we begin to wind down, but it’s fair to say that everyone seems to have had enough and is booking as quickly as possible.

This is like a January peak season booking trend and it is great to see the travel sector start to rebound after taking such a hammering, along with other markets, due to the pandemic. This leads me to believe that January will also follow the same trend, proving to be a busy booking period, which is another reason I’m posting this message. I believe the prices we are able to book at now may well be cheaper than if waiting for a January sale. This is because the airlines and hotels may well look to recoup some of those lost funds due to non-operative flights etc. Also knowing that a vaccine is due soon, I sense that a lot of things could go up in price. This is just my opinion, but to share it seems worthwhile for someone who loves this industry and its clients.

The good news is that there are still a few options for late, spontaneous, excited holidaymakers, who want to warm their bones in the sunshine. I’m actually one of those who will manage to get away along with many more of our staff and our Managing Director.

Dubai holidays

Soaring temperatures, UK travel corridor status & views like this mean Dubai holidays are in.

Dubai Holidays

Right now, Dubai’s temperature is lovely and warm, charting a daily average of 29 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, select hotels we are working close with have also extended their Black Friday sale deals, with savings of up to 55%. It is really incredible to see such amazing offers, which is another reason why I have decided to keep everyone interested informed with this post. Dubai is in fact a very safe place to travel to, with plenty of things to do and almost everything as normal or the ‘new normal’ as we now know it. 

Yes, we all need a rest from Covid, and what better way to do so than booking a Dubai holiday. So please feel free to take some time to browse our offers online – we have some five-star, all-inclusive package holidays with some of the best hotels in Dubai that are simply amazing. Best of all, there is no need to quarantine on arrival or return, so straight to the beach, guys!

Well, that said, I hope everyone is staying safe and remains that way. Let me wish you, on behalf of Kenwood Travel, a positive end to the year with a prosperous future ahead. Thank you to our loyal repeat clients,  thank you in advance to our soon-to-be clients, and a massive thank you to the staff within the business who have been very strong during the peak of the pandemic in assisting everyone. This is the Kenwood way, this is the Kenwood family: come and join us – let’s create lasting memories.

Best wishes, and hey kids, don’t forget to be good as Santa will soon be down your chimney.

Brett Collins,


Kenwood Travel

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Resident foodie and festival-obsessive, Georgia is always looking for her next big adventure. Between writing and researching for Kenwood, she can usually be found thinking about her next meal or exciting getaway (sometimes both at the same time). While frequenting obscure gigs and discovering local delicacies are major hobbies, she also gets a thrill from correcting our wayward grammar and spelling.

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