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Wild beauty - a feeding whale.

Watching Whales in Hawai’i

They blow and slap and dive and breach. They play and sing and feed and pose for photographs. These are one of the most fascinating species on Earth: the super-amazingly-awesome whales. No kidding. They are tha... Read More...
OMan Geology

Wonders of Geology in Oman

Exploring Oman is like going through the pages of a book with the history of the earth written on it. It's a country with a geological heritage like no other, a place where you can find rocks over five hundre... Read More...
Cocunuts Caribbean

Coconut – Caribbean Superfood

Like porridge or pea soup, coconut is considered superfood. It's tastier though, as you would suspect, and widely available in tropical destinations. So there's no excuse to not benefit from its nutritive an... Read More...