Is Las Vegas expensive? It is, if you want it to be.

Say you do. Say you do have a lot of idle cash on you – or a credit card as endless as infinity itself – and you are ready for some real action in Sin City, where would you go? What would you do? What would you buy? What could you buy?

One of team members here at Kenwood Travel says he wishes he’d spent more money while in Vegas last December (watch this space for the podcast! ). Let’s see what he could have done, and what you can still do when you book your next holiday in Las Vegas with Kenwood Travel.

First, you have to sort out your accommodation. From hundreds of palaces, castles and pyramids to choose from, this is a tough one. But you will probably be right to book yourself into the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort. It takes a proper playboy/playgirl to get in there so be ready to splash out up to $40,000 (~£25,000) per night. But then again, you get to be a Bunny in Hugh’s Bunnyland with panoramic views of the Strip. The Las Vegas Strip, darling.

Accommodation sorted, and here comes cocktail time (remember: a good spender really needs a good drink now and again!). Perhaps the most splendid is the Ménage a Trois, the signature cocktail of the Tryst nightclub at the 5 Diamond (it doesn’t get more than that) Wynn Hotel. For $3,000 (£~1,900) you will taste a perfectly sinful mix: Cristal Rosé champagne, Hennessy Ellipse and Grand Marnier (150 years old). But that is not all: add 23-karat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup, and sip it through a golden straw. Super sexy, no less!

Now, after such extravagance a dinner for several hundred quid may indeed sound like serf’s pennies. At Bar Masa a sushi-full dinner can easily cost you $400 (~£252) per person. Mandalay Bay hotel has several fancy dining venues where appetizers alone could set you down by $280 (~£177).

But if, after all of the above, you still feel like spending, the solution is clear, my friend: yeah, casino it is! Get rid of all that cash… Or perhaps stuff your pockets once again?

PS If you prefer Vegas on a budget, check this blog post out.

Arran from Kenwood Travel discusses how he managed money during his trip to Las Vegas:

Jonathan – As a gambler in Vegas, when you came back did you feel poor? Did it feel money well spent? Was it worth every penny?

Arran – I felt I didn’t spend enough. It wanted to do more. I had a budget of $2,000, but I only spent £1800.

Ellie – Only on the gambling?

Arran- Including everything else

Ellie- Oh wow.

Arron – I spent a lot of the time inside my room hangover, that’s probably why.

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