At Kenwood Travel we pride ourselves on offering holidays to some of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Whether it’s the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean or the pearly white sands of the Indian Ocean, we can offer you an adventure to wherever your heart desires. Here, some of our staff share what they love the most about their favourite destinations.


Sales consultant Olivia fell in love with Dubai when she visited. One particular highlight she was keen to mention was The Walk. This promenade is home to a vast array of premium shops and boutiques as well as fantastic eateries “I really got a sense of Dubai when we visited The Walk” she explained “the promenade is set right on the beach and is perfect for grabbing a coffee and watching the world go by.” Olivia also spoke of her amazement at the sheer variety of cuisine available in Dubai with everything from Italian to Indian to traditional Arabian food on offer. Many World-renown restaurants run by chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes and Marco Pierre-White call Dubai home.

Dubai's amazing skyline with Jumeirah Beach in the foreground

Dubai’s amazing skyline with Jumeirah Beach in the foreground

Olivia also gave a nod to the private beaches found at resorts such as Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and Atlantis The Palm, she explained how they are all perfectly maintained and ideal for relaxing the day away. Of course, as many people find, she couldn’t talk about Dubai without also mentioning the fantastic time she had at the superlative AquaVenture Waterpark.

British Virgin Islands

Our sales executive Aaron recently travelled to the marvellous British Virgin Islands where trade winds lightly caress beaches that are resplendent in their beauty. Aaron was particularly enthusiastic about the cuisine found on the islands “I really enjoyed trying the Roti. Interestingly, this dish is a product of the influence Indian migrants had in Trinidadian cuisine and has since made its way over to the British Virgin Islands. The delicate balance between the curried vegetables and the bread is skilfully executed.” While on his trip, Aaron was also able to try his hand at a spot of sailing. The British Virgin Islands are renowned for their sailing and provide a worthwhile experience for both amateurs and seasoned yachtsmen alike.


When Kenwood Travel’s general manager Dipshaa visited the Seychelles she was utterly blown away by the beauty of this whimsical gem in the Indian Ocean. One of Dipshaa’s highlights of her trip was the visit to La Digue Island “The island itself is really uncommercialised meaning you get a real sense of the authentic Seychelles lifestyle.” Dipshaa spoke about the almost unfathomable beauty of Anse Source D’Argent, the most photographed beach in the world “This beach really must be seen to be believed” Dipshaa explained “it was even used as the setting for some Bacardi adverts!”

Anse Source D'Argent

Anse Source D’Argent in The Seychelles – The most photographed beach in the World.

As well as the stunning beaches, Dipshaa also spoke about how the food of the Seychelles is quite unlike anything else “The Seychelles takes influences from a huge variety of different cultures from around the world” She explained “Many of the dishes you try successfully combine flavours that to the untrained eye seem like they would never mix. The skill, care and love that goes into cooking here really is an amazing thing to see and taste.” To really get a sense of The Seychelles Dipshaa pointed out that the best thing to do is visit as many of the islands as possible during your stay. By hopping from one island to the next you truly get to see everything this destination has to offer including the magical islands of Prasline and Mahe that are distinct but both equally beautiful.


It was the excursions which most captured the imagination of Carole our Caribbean Travel Consultant when she visited Mexico. “Visiting Chichen Itza was an absolutely incredible experience and one that I thoroughly recommend.” She remembered. Chichen Itza is a huge archaeological site of a city dating back to the pre-Columbian era, at its centre lies El Castillo which is a huge temple that stands at an impressive 24 metres high. By taking a boat over to Isla Mujeres, Carole was also able to swim with dolphins “To share the water with these incredible mammals was a real joy” she beamed “the way they majestically swim and play in the water is an amazing thing to witness.”

The iconic El Castillo rises impressively over the Chichen Itza archaeological site.

The iconic El Castillo rises impressively over the Chichen Itza archaeological site.

For a Mexican fiesta to remember, Carole recommends Coco Bongo in the heart of the hotel district which is a floor-show with live Samba as well as Rock ‘n’ Roll “The whole event is just so much fun” Carole explained “There are trapeze artists flying around, foam machines and loads of decorations. It really is a party Cancun style.” Even after the entertainment ends the fun does not with an after-show disco going on long into the night.


Alex, our product manager for the Far East, has been lucky enough to visit Thailand many times but still finds this destination as magical now as when he first went. “Thai hospitality is the stuff of legend” Alex told me “the traditional greeting in Thailand, called a ‘wai’, is an immensely important part of Thai culture and I feel extremely honoured every time I receive it.” To perform a wai it is customary to put the hands together as if praying and then bow to your acquaintance. The wai is traditionally performed when entering someone’s home and was initially used to show others that you were not carrying a weapon.


Women perform a group wai, the traditional greeting of Thailand.

Another thing Alex pointed out about Thailand is the world class massages that are available. “Thais are world experts in massage, the treatments are simply divine.” Alex explained before going on to say that “Massages in Thailand are very affordable, what you pay is probably about five times less than you would in the UK.” Alex then went on to talk about how Thai food is much more varied than many people give credit for. “I think most people believe Thai cooking is pure heat and not much else, but this is just not the case. Thai food is so flavoursome and while of course you can find very spicy food there is also a range of delicious noodle dishes and soups that don’t necessarily take the top of your head off!” Of course, Alex also had to throw in an honourable mention to the stunning beaches and hotels that draw thousands of visitors to Thailand each year.

So there you have it, five destinations that boast unique features but are united in offering holidays that will stay with you forever. The only question is: where will your adventure take you?

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