Fusion Maia Resort in Da Nang. A concept hotel. No gimmicks.

The phrase ‘concept hotel’ does not generally instil confidence. Unfortunately the ‘concept’ often amounts to little more than a design gimmick or transiently clever pun. But then places like the 5-star spa hotel Fusion Maia Resort in Da Nang remind you that a concept hotel doesn’t need to be gimmicky, it just has to work. Fusion Maia Resort is in fact Asia’s first spa-inclusive hotel, a new style of concept hotel in itself where spa treatments are included in the package. More importantly however, Fusion Maia’s is a concept that is not only functional, but also completely harmonious. It blends a holistic approach to guests’ well-being, an immersive Vietnamese spa resort with a unique modern take on traditional Vietnamese décor and ultra-minimalist design. All this is set against naturally beautiful surroundings, far enough from the Da Nang tourist route that visitors say they feel an older, untouched version of Vietnam still exists here.

Concept Hotel - Fusion Maia Da Nang

Concept Hotel - Fusion Maia Da Nang

Tiny stone paths and bamboo-laden walkways snake in and out of this delightfully spacious resort, littered with bright flowering plants as the fresh citrus scent of lemon grass, blended with the subtle taste of the ocean, hangs permanently in the air. It is a place of utter serenity where you do genuinely feel connected with nature. That one would feel this way about a hotel is only further testament to its clever design, given the interiors of Fusion Maia’s private pool villas are somewhat at odds with the exterior ambience, evoking more modern art than natural beauty.

Concept Hotel - Fusion Maia Da Nang

Concept Hotel - Fusion Maia Da Nang

But this is not a place that models itself around a stunning landscape or 5-star modernity. Fusion Maia has managed marvellously to balance the best of these two forces. It is clean, not clinical; it is bright, but does not dazzle or overwhelm. There is a ying and a yang effect to everything on the site, in every detail and in every hidden corner a subtlety to discover.

Spa treatments are happily included in the package prices and the spa itself, as one would expect, is nothing short of heavenly. Packed within lush tropical gardens of coconut and areca trees, a charming lagoon-like pool is fed by a waterfall, surrounded by huts that house treatment rooms, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, a yoga studio, spa workshop area and spa library. Incidentally the spa workshop runs classes on concocting mineral-based treatments and designing nutritional regimes you can take home with you, continuing all that hard work you’ve achieved here on holiday.

Fusion Maia is a spa hotel in its purest form, in the sense that the spa and hotel are one and the same. Everything about Fusion Maia is designed to cleanse, invigorate and inspire. A balanced diet here, for instance, is not an afterthought to diversify your meal, it is a progressive awakening of all five senses. In keeping with this concept, the resort also runs a genius policy of having ‘breakfast, anytime, anywhere’. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Wherever you are in the resort and whenever you want to have breakfast, book it, and it will come. It is exactly this sort of easygoing attitude coupled with such doting service that makes a stay at Fusion Maia not only luxurious but also refreshingly leisurely – taken completely at your pace.

All in all, Fusion Maia might be a concept hotel, but the term concept hotel implies style over the substance. This, on the other hand, could be the most relaxing resort in South East Asia. You may have noticed we’ve talked about this 5-star beach hotel having said nothing about the beach. And that’s saying something.

Concept Hotel - Fusion Maia Da Nang

The beach is really nice, too.

Fusion Maia Special Offer

If all this sounds like your cup of herbal tea, then why not take advantage of the following offers through Kenwood Travel (selected blackout dates, including peak times, apply):

– Stay 7 nights and pay for 5


– Stay 4 nights and pay for 3

– Stay a minimum of 3 nights and you and your partner will receive one complimentary dinner at the Fusion Lounge.

For more information, give on of our Vietnam experts a call on 0207 749 9275, and explore more luxury holidays to Vietnam here.

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