Kenwood marketing team member, Graeme Law, is fresh off the seaplane from his trip to the Maldives. After spending seven nights at the illustrious Heritance Aarah, along with other members of the Kenwood Travel family, Graeme is buzzing to tell us all about his experience. We caught up with him to chat about his Ocean Villa, swimming with turtles and the amazing services he received from the staff at this luxurious Maldives hotel.

Hi Graeme! We hear you’ve just come back from the Maldives. How was your trip?

The trip wasn’t real life. It was a dream, with sunshine and white sand and butlers and all those things you see in images of the Maldives, except I was there in that image. To be honest, I was expecting a paradise, but like most expectations I’d braced myself for them not being met. That wasn’t the case – it was everything I thought it would be and more. Think your typical Maldives scene and throw in some of the best service I’ve experienced, the friendliest staff, delicious food and a house reef swiped straight out a sci-fi novel. I loved it.

We know there are some incredible hotels out there. Where did you stay?

Heritance Aarah. This was my first Maldives trip, and it was the perfect hotel for that. It had the whole package: a house reef, incredible restaurants, overwater villas, an infinity pool, an abundance of marine life and a cracking All Inclusive concept. That meant if I just wanted to sit and eat all day, I could. As tempting as it would be to explore the abundance of Maldives properties, I’m half-tempted to go back to the same one again. It was that good.

Which room did you stay in? How was your experience checking in, getting to the hotel etc.

We stayed in an Ocean Villa, but as the group was spread out we all visited each other’s places too. That included the water villas, which were everything you’d expect; A ladder into the sea, a sea-facing balcony, a mini-fridge, all your mod-cons and welcome drinks. This varied from wine to premium spirits. Getting to the hotel was a breeze. Five minutes from the airport was a designated lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks. After that, we took a 30-minute seaplane transfer. Reception included a big song and dance with drums and smiles and a buggy cart that took us to our rooms.

Favourite memory you’ll take away from it all?

Snorkelling. I’m not a water baby, but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was just to jump into the sea and explore the reefs. By the end of the trip, I went snorkelling up to three times a day straight from the house reef. Saw loads. Think octopi, dory (from Finding Nemo fame) orange fish, yellow fish – I’m not much of a marine biologist. Swimming with baby sharks was memorable too, but the turtles win it for me. I loved how unperturbed they were at a bunch of people in swimming gear surrounding them and pointing. For me, it was magic.

Best thing you ate?

Some of these meals were ten courses. I think one was thirteen. They told us they were small portions – they weren’t. That said, the food was delicious. I had the veggie options, which comprised of everything from salad to fried mozzarella, all of which were cooked to perfection. I’m a cheese guy so that stood out. This sounds super boring, but I was also a huge fan of the pizza at the buffet restaurant. As a pizza connoisseur, I could quickly detect the fine tomato based craftsmanship.

Will you do anything differently next time you go back?

Actually, I’d do it all again exactly the same. It was such a great trip, I wouldn’t have minded rinsing and repeating everything from day one. Maybe the next time I visit, I’ll see manta rays. Or sharks. Or try some other variations of non-motorised water sports. Or A champagne breakfast, which was always on my hitlist but I never got round to it.

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