If you are anything like us, then the famous Hollywood take on bestselling travel memoir Eat, Pray, Love will have instilled in you an insatiable wanderlust and a strong desire to follow in Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps and ditch mundane life to tread soft platinum sands, taste exotic flavours, cycle through spectacular landscapes and live your very own storybook romance. It may seem like a dream, but book a holiday to Bali with Kenwood Travel and you too could Eat, Pray, and Love in the gem of Indonesia.

1. EAT

Authentic Balinese dishes are easy to find in both top-notch restaurants and in the traditional street food stalls which line Bali‘s bustling streets. Don’t miss:

Eat Bali

  • Babi Gulung – Bali’s most famed dish is this succulent pork cooked to perfection in a tantalising mix of spices which include lemongrass, tumeric, kraffir and chilli.
  • Nasi Goreng – This defining dish of Bali and a popular one across Indonesia consists of stir fried rice flavoured with garlic, tamarind, chilli and soy sauce. It is often served with meat or dried salted fish.
  • Bebeck Tutu – Duck smothered in fragrant Balinese spices, wrapped in betel leaves and smoked for 24 hours before being served upon rice and vegetables.
  • Bubur Sumsum – This sweet delicacy offers a true taste of Bali. It is a black rice pudding filled with coconut cream, palm sugar, and randan leaves, served hot with plenty of syrup and topped with more coconut cream and banana.


Despite being part of one of the largest Islamic nations in the world Bali is a Hindu enclave, dotted with tons of charming ancient Hindu temples:

Pura Ulun Dani Brata

  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu – Near Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel the sacred temple is located on a rugged clifftop 200ft above Bali’s southern coast. The temple offers dramatic views of the Indian ocean waves crashing against the cliff, and at sunset traditional Kecak fire dance performances take place.
  • Pura Ulun Danu Brata – The 11-roof temple towers over a Pura Luhur Lempuyangbeautiful lake, giving the appearance that it is floating upon the placid waters. The temple is dedicated to the goddess of lakes and rivers.
  • Pura Besakih – The 10th century ‘Mother Temple’ is located upon the western slopes of Gunung Agung providing a breathtaking backdrop of mountains. The temple is one of the holiest in Bali.
  • Taman Ayun – This serene sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage site showcasing distinctive Balinese architecture and picturesque, tranquil gardens.
  • Pura Luhur Lempuyang – Hikers heaven! The trail leads you through lush mountain forests and up 1700 steps, to the magnificent temple at the very top boasting awe-inspiring views from above the clouds.
  • Tanah Lot – Watch the Balinese sun set behind this stunning temple perched atop a rock which rises dramatically out of the ocean.


Secluded locations and unforgettable off-the-beaten-path experiences make Bali the ultimate romantic retreat and ideal honeymoon destination:

  • Campuh Ridge Walk – The winding pathway leads you through gorgeous emerald fields where striking temples are concealed within lush valleys. The peaceful walk is perfect for some stolen moments away from the hustle and bustle. Stop at Karsa Cafe for delicious local foods served in bale huts which boast pretty vistas of lotus ponds.
  • Rice Paddy Romance – At The Chedi Club you can dine alone in a private pavilion in the midst of Bali’s magnificent verdant rice terraces. Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali
  • Sekumpul Waterfalls – Unbeknownst to tourists, these virgin jungles boast 6 spectacular waterfalls. Undisturbed, take a dip in the pools below or stroll through the unspoilt forests.
  • Taro Elephant Safari Park – Ride on the back of these majestic beasts through rice fields and rivers.
  • Mount Batur – In the crater of active volcano Mount Batur lies a spectacular lake. Gunung BaturWander around this dreamy landscape to find six ancient villages, stony lava fields and relaxing hot springs.
  • The Pavilions Hotel – As Bali’s most sought after couples retreat, this intimate villa hideaway celebrates love offering a range of sigh-inducing experiences including our personal favourite – the Balieye hot air balloon tour where you’ll float into Bali’s skyline for a birds-eye view of the scenic landscapes … it doesn’t get more romantic than that!



Experience this amazing destination with Kenwood Travel’s holidays to Bali. To keep up the Eat, Pray, Love theme stay at luxury Uma by COMO Hotel, which hosted Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz during filming.

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