We’re all in desperate need of a holiday at this time of year – that much is obvious. I mean, have you been outside lately? It’s 50 shades of grey with no chance of t-shirt weather until next year. Fortunately for you,  we’ve got just the ticket to get you out of that weird (yet annoyingly inevitable) autumnal funk: extraordinary escapes with eccentric digs. We’re taking you as far away from the washed-out mundaneness of your day-to-day doings, and for that, you are truly welcome.

The Castle: Palazzo Versace Dubai

Breaking news for all you fashion fanatics: there is a Versace-themed hotel in Dubai and you’re not there right now! The Palazzo Versace Dubai is a gold-plated, mosaic-tiled, palm tree-lined bombshell. Walking through those medusa-stamped marble hallways, you’ll struggle not to feel like a guest at a 16th century palace, or even Italian royalty yourself. Beyond the plush interiors draped with deluxe fabrics, and the perfectly manicured gardens, you’ll of course also find a designer boutique stocked with Versace (obviously).

Unusual hotels

Mosaic flooring at the Palazzo Versace Dubai.

The Island: Constance Halaveli

Who on their morning commute hasn’t tried wishing themselves away to an exclusive island hideaway? Well this is about as close to that fantasy as it gets. Constance Halaveli is a one-island resort with just a scattering of over-water villas and their guests to share the white sands and endless azure oceans with. Head out onto one of the longest jetties in the Maldives to reach your sea-facing accommodation, complete with a private plunge pool and 24/7 seascapes that feel all your own…hotels on the ground are so overrated.

Aerial view of Halaveli Island.

The Reserve: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

No, your eyes do not deceive you – that really is a giraffe roaming the plains of Disney World. In fact, it’s one over 30 species of African wildlife at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Find a Wildlife Field Guide in your guest room and spot zebras, kudu and flamingo across 4 flourishing savannas. If this ever ceases to amaze, get your thrills at the Samawati Springs Pool, which comes complete with 2 whirlpool spas and a water playground. Hakuna Matata indeed.

Unusual hotels

Giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The Muse: Hard Rock Riviera Maya

This one is for the wannabe Winehouse, amateur Aerosmith, and budding Bon Jovi. Crank up your holiday experience at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya with a finely tuned set of extras that are sure to deliver on star treatment. Complete with its own waterpark, private white sand beach, golf course, spa, and gym, even the most demanding of guests can find something to suit them in this all-inclusive paradise. The musically inclined can reserve a guitar, personalise the soundtrack of their stay, or even hit the onsite recording studio.

Unusual hotels

Aerial view of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.


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