Long haul flights could be sublime experiences if flying with the right carrier and the appropriate class. And it’s hard to imagine anything better than the Business Class Only service that Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) has recently launched between the Asian city and London.

With this daily, all-VIP, flight HKA joins a select club of carriers that offer this kind of exclusive service, British Airways-owned Openskies and Singapore Airlines.

The flight HX875 departs from Hong Kong at 23:50 and arrives at Gatwick at 05:55, which optimises considerably the time of the high-flying customers who opt for this sophisticated alternative. Similarly, the HX876 departs from London at 21:30 to arrive in Hong Kong at 18:05.

Each aircraft comprises two subclasses, or different cabins dedicated to the Club Premiere and Club Classic. Two slightly different versions of a supreme way of travelling that will undoubtedly delight equally those for whom the ski is their second home.

“Both of the two cabin sections have been engineered with the newest concepts for optimal in-flight comfortability. The seats are so ergonomically-designed and the configuration so thoughtfully devised that each and every passenger will be able to enjoy maximum privacy—be it for WIFI connectivity, in-flight Skybar refreshment or individual in-flight entertainment, making long-haul flight boredom a thing of the past,” said director of HKA’ Service Delivery Department Stanley Kan.

So, imagine a plane where every single seat can become a fully horizontal bed, making it a five star hotel on wings. That’s what this Airbus A330-200 is.

Logically, a service of these characteristics couldn’t be just dedicated to sleep and relax. HKA cares about the needs of the modern business traveller and offers passengers “OnAir in-flight connectivity services for prompt and fast smartphone, tablet and notebook computer and internet accessibility through WIFI. Passengers may also buy, at any time on the internet, value-added in-flight WIFI services.”

As you would have guessed, when it comes to in-flight dining with this airline, you won’t find your average salty meal heated up to the temperature of the sun and served on impossibly compact packages. No, HKA has consultants like the renowned Chinese chef Chow Chung and the Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton to deliver gourmet style cuisine.

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