We’re cooking up a storm in our run-down of favourite hotel restaurants that feature celebrity chefs. Click the links to visit each hotel page, and discover our appetising holiday deals.


Hotels with celebrity chefs

Want to add that something special to your luxury holiday? Start with the food. Good food has the power to make your getaway unforgettable, and at Kenwood Travel we never forget that. As relaxing as the beach may be, as soothing as the spa, nothing beats eating well when it comes to sharing moments together on holiday. And today’s touch-of-a-button connectivity means it isn’t just your travel partners with whom you’ll be sharing the good times. Uploading that food pic to Facebook or Instagram lets you share your culinary delights with your friends and family back home too. Our destination experts are always on the look out for the latest foodie highlights on their travels. So for pizzas with pizazz and steaks with star quality, here are our top hotels with celebrity chefs, hand-picked by our our globetrotting team of travel experts. Dig in!

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