For many of us raves are all about sweating in insalubrious warehouses wearing a dumped T-shirt and pretending that it’s still nighttime. Nothing wrong with that, but people in Montreal have come with an elegant spin on the concept: the Igloofest.


These Canadians, far from hiding their miserably low temperatures, are proud of their cold and have set a massive electronic music festival around it. So, if you go, expect to find fellow party-goers wearing ski suits and winter paraphernalia during the three January weekends of electronica.

Being a big festival – around 60,000 per weekend in previous editions – the Igloofest’s main stage will surely produce enough human heat to stave off hypothermia. But if you want to experience something really cool – literally – part of the venue is an actual igloo with DJs, dancefloor and a bar. Well, at least the beer won’t be warm.

Not only the set has been taken seriously, the music selection of the festival is also outstanding. With a music spectrum that goes from the rawest bass to the shiniest techno, the Igloofest will present DJs and producers from all around the world.

London based Mala are in charge of supplying UK’s finest dubstep, whereas Tiefschwarz will deliver electro and house with German precision. For those after serious party-time, Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema play crazy kuduro. This is a genre so infectious that if the festival organisers are minimally concerned about health and safety measures, shouldn’t play it on the igloo stage: it would melt.

The party has already started, but you still have two weekends left if you want to plan a short holiday break in Canada. We are talking about January 12-14 and 19-21, so hurry up and book if you want to experience this electronica extravaganza.

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