Any person in their right frame of mind would prefer a more sincere approach to the reality of the Indian Ocean than the edulcorated one used in holiday brochures.

For the sane people of the world a series of documentaries like BBC2’s Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve must be a revelation.

The six one-hour long episodes in which the charismatic, energetic and Peter Pan-ish presenter Simon Reeve take us from South Africa to Madagascar, Mauritius or the Seychelles, go way beyond the postal worthy snap to show us a more complex, sometimes not too pleasant, side of paradise.

Nevertheless, this unbiased portrait of the countries that populate this ocean, is somehow more attractive and powerful than any other I’ve seen before and, like me, there must be a lot of people who want to travel to these places more than ever after watching these documentaries.

On his trip Simon travels by boat, train, car and plane to visit a total of 16 countries. The show has plenty of stunning images and it’s plagued with highlights – the most memorable ones are those that imply human interaction with the locals.

Wildlife is highly represented as well and we can see Simon diving with sharks, going underwater for fishing and encountering lemurs, penguins, dolphins, manta rays and elephants.

Particularly emotive is his visit to a private island in the Seychelles to meet its owner, a Yorkshireman who bought it in the 1960s for the unbelievable price of £6,000. Now he lives with hundreds of giant tortoises in his very own slice of paradise.

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