Las Vegas… the land of dreams. But other than the majestic shows, the extravagant shopping experience and the various casinos, Las Vegas is one of the many places in the world where you can experience different countries and cultures at the same time, without having to fork out for the travel.

Its various hotels offer this gateway to another world and when I was there at Christmas, it really did feel like I was living in a fantasy. No other holiday experience can beat it. So experience Italy, the good only New York, Egypt and a tropical paradise all while walking down a street.

Let’s begin with the magical Mirage which immerses guests or visitors in a tropical haven. Whether you are admiring their indoor rainforest, the outdoor 54-foot erupting volcano or their dolphin habitat, you will be transported to an Amazonian landscape. Make sure you get a great spot to see the outdoor volcano. It does attract a lot of people as it only erupts every hour a day. So usually people have been queuing up for a while before you get there! Whilst at the hotel, you can also enjoy the show LOVE by Cirque du Soleil.

Then take an easy trip down to Egypt as you visit the Luxor which stands before you as a glorious pyramid. The lift inside the hotel goes up in a slanting fashion to follow the build of the pyramid! Inside the hotel, you will find a Titanic exhibition like you’ve never experienced before as well as hilarious comical shows such as Carrot Top and Menopause the Musical. Even more, it is rumored that the Luxor shines so bright at night that it can be seen from space! It also makes for an amazing picture at night.

If you want one of the original Vegas experiences, then enjoy a Roman adventure at Caesar’s Palace which not only features the world famous Forum Shops but also has the Garden of the Gods pool oasis as well as a family – friendly Atlantis show. Here mechanical god- like figures put on a performance about the lost city of Atlantis. Caesar’s Palace is also well known for its ‘A’ list celebrity shows featuring Elton John and Jerry Seinfeld.

But wait a minute… Vegas will soon hit you with a stylish Italian experience. Visit the Venetian and experience Venice – themed gondola rides or a luxurious winter wonderland when it is Christmas. Inside, one can get happy snappy at the Madame Tussads in Las Vegas. The city can, of course, cause a big whole in your wallet, if want it to. Read our blog post on the subject if you want to know just how big a whole it can make!

And lastly nothing beats New York, does it? Jump right on the iconic Las Vegas roller-coaster which you board at the hotel. Or party your nights away in their ROK Vegas night club which features the only 360 degrees screen for the best video experience of your lifetime!

Have you ever stayed in a place with a memorable hotel or a simply magical place? Let us know.

Arron and Les from the Kenwood Travel Sales team discuss Las Vegas hotels with Jonathan Bright and Ellie de Rose

Jonathan – The Venetian [hotel], that’s an interesting one. What is it like staying there? They got that Venice canal inside.

Les – Inside and outside. As you go through the shopping malls you have the ceiling all painted blue and the lights changing so you don’t know what time of the day is, and they dim the lights and all the stars come out. Then the Trevi fountain, full scale, very over the top.

Jonathan – Is it a nice hotel?

Les – Yes, it is very nice.

Ellie – Does it feel like Italy, an Americanised Italy?

Les – Disney-Italy.

Arron – I like the hotels with a theme. I like the one with the pyramids. I’m really into Egypt, egyptology, I love it.

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