The human race: we’re intelligent, argumentative, innovative, powerful and… due treatment for severe megalomania. It’s true that we’re all in competition with each other, all the time, and always have been: whether we’re at war, getting into space, comparing industrial achievements or building monuments and buildings bigger than the pesky bloke next door. Generally in the world today, “bigger means better” and we can give thanks to worldwide westernisation for that, as it now applies to everything from hamburgers to buildings, except mobile phones.

There is still an enormous amount of Americans who rant and rave about the Empire State building and all of its glory and to be fair, it’s pretty darned intimidating when you get up close and personal. However, even though it is still mighty impressive for its age – it’s currently standing in its eighty-first year – it’s just less than half the size of Burj Khalifa, the current tallest building in the world, which stands at a whopping 2,717 feet in Dubai, making it sure look like the East won this battle; book now with Kenwood Travel and see it for yourself.

Unfortunately, even the brilliant Burj isn’t strong enough to rule the tables of the highest buildings in the world for long as in February this year, the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah was finally commissioned and they’re saying that it’s going to reach up to a colossal 3,280 feet, 1,000 metres, and sit on a 120 acre plot of land. For this reason it has already been nicknamed the “Mile-High Tower”, which is something that I’m sure that it will live up to, as I said before, us humans love to compete. This 200-storey, $1.2bn beast still has no estimated completion date, so the Burj can breathe easy, but it’s only a matter of time before somebody else climbs up and knocks it down from that podium.

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