Saint Lucia is the island postcards are made of. There are few more idyllic scenes on the planet than to wake up to a grand view of the Pitons as they pierce from a cerulean sea. Saint Lucia’s wide range of gorgeous oceanfront hotels can make for daunting choosing, so we thought we’d offer a temporary solution.

For a limited time only, Kenwood Travel’s special all-inclusive holiday offer is for a 7-night stay at Saint Lucia’s Morgan Bay from £989 per person. That’s savings of up to 50%!

Morgan Bay is exemplary of all that Saint Lucia is famous for. White sand beaches. Perfect seas of coral reefs and turquoise waters. Doting and friendly service. Al fresco fine dining with fish so fresh, it might as well still be swimming.

Check out Morgan Bay in Saint Lucia here for a taste of paradise.

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