At Kenwood Travel we are experts on arranging New York holidays and as far as city-breaks go, they don’t come any bigger than the Big Apple – If you want to visit a truly unique destination, why not try a holiday to New York? With its world-class museums, statues, impressive buildings, one of the most amazing shopping experiences in the world, not to mention the abundance of nightlife, it simply can’t be beaten! It’s really hard to put my finger on what makes the place buzz so much, but the city’s hyperactive rush continues to draw more and more people to it. Having been to New York last Christmas I have plenty of advice and information for you to enjoy…

In this fantastic city it’s pretty hard to pick just a few highlights. You can’t visit New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty; it’s a great spectacle and brilliant when you combine with a tour (by boat) around Ellis Island and the different New York City Boroughs. I can tell you first hand that the boat cruise is well worth it, plenty of great photo opportunities even more history and culture. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Ground Zero (Financial District) and Times Square are also a must. Central Park is just beautiful. I visited in the winter and it is beautiful (the Park views from the Jumeirah Essex House Suites are amazing) but I’m sure it’s just as good all year round. Times Square has an amazing buzz to it and the shopping is brilliant. I made very good use of the Levi’s store! The Museum of Modern Art is one of the world’s top museums, and the Guggenheim Museum and American Museum of Natural History aren’t far behind. Bookshops, food, theatre, shopping, people: it doesn’t really matter what you do for your New York holiday because the city itself is an exhilarating experience. Whether you want to shop in the world famous Macys or Bloomingdale’s, or visit the spectacular shows on Broadway, there certainly is something for everyone in the city that never sleeps.

A holiday in New York will provide you with some of the greatest shopping opportunities in the world. There is nothing quite like shopping on Fifth Avenue where you will find Tiffany’s and Macy’s, the world’s largest department store, both on 151 West 34th Street, which is located at Herald Square. Other great uptown shopping can be found on Third Avenue. Bloomingdale’s is located at 1000 Third Avenue at 60th Street.

Manhattan is generally very easy to navigate thanks to the grid system of roads running from the north to south of the island, and east to west. All of these roads are well named (usually going in order, i.e. 41st St, 42nd St. etc). Finding your way around on your New York holiday is simple as long as you have a map to help you, although I did somehow manage to get lost! It was dark and it was after a very long day shopping…I ended up getting a yellow cab, which only cost around $10 anyway so it was fine. It is an ideal city to visit if you want to travel around on foot, however you are never far from hailing one of the infamous yellow cabs.

If I could recommend one restaurant in New York it would have to be, and it keeps popping up time and time again in America, STK. It is quite easily one of the best steakhouses that I’ve ever been to and is located in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Cheaper than the Las Vegas version of the restaurant located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel (where I have also eaten), the atmosphere, music and overall experience is absolutely brilliant. With a live D.J. and fabulous steaks, this is one not to miss!

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