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According to the letter of the Governor of Bali, we would like to inform you that March 23rd, 2012 there will be a celebration of Absolute Quiet Day (Nyepi) or Icaka New Year 1934 in Bali. During this celebration (which goes on from 6 am 23rd March to 6 am 24th March), the following activities are strictly prohibited:

No light may be lit
No work may be done
No Travel may be carried out
No amusement may be made.

The “Day of Silence” is unique to Bali and is one of the most unusual and important of Bali’s festive days, of which they have many. Many offerings are made on the final day of the Hindu year. This is a day of silence, fasting and self-introspection for all, and is supposed to give the effect of the island being completely deserted. The only people on the streets during this time are the Pecalang, security guards patrolling to ensure that all the prohibitions are being observed. It must be noted that guests and visitors will not be allowed to leave the island during this period, as there is no transportation available to or from the airport. Flights travelling in and out of Ngurah Rai airport will not be in operation. Passengers will not be allowed to travel into or out from Denpasar. During this celebration the only exceptions will be for Over-fly, Technical landings and emergency landings. All entry to Bali via Sea Ports will be closed during this time.

The day after Nyepi is known as Ngembak Geni and it doesn’t take long for normal systems and activities to resume. Social activity quickly picks up again, as families and friends congregate to ask forgiveness from one another, and to perform religious rituals.

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