It’s no secret that holidays in St Lucia guarantee a good time. Specially now. If you’re heading to the Caribbean island any time soon, you’re in for a bit of a treat. Not only do you get plenty of soft sand-powdered shoreline, beautiful cerulean waters and plenty of sparkling sunshine there’s also the added bonus of not having to fight your way past tourists to enjoy it all.

St Lucia is a tropical paradise, still relatively untainted by the insidious bite of mass tourism.

Along with the eye-pleasing aesthetics, the Caribbean isle also boasts a host of excellent activities to be enjoyed. There’s the remarkable tropical rainforest to be hiked, trekked and conquered, a host of water sports to participate in and some rich cultural heritage to explore.

Of course, you could just lie on the beach, cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun’s rays while occasionally pinching yourself to ensure that you’re not actually dreaming. And if you are, the most dexterous of imaginations couldn’t envisage the beauty on offer here.

So if nature provides the sand, palm trees and ocean, who provides the alcohol? That’s where the fabulously fantastic folks at Skeeterz Rum Bar come in. Located on the southern tip of the island the bar has been in operation for a number of years now and has built themselves a formidable reputation during that time.

You see back in the late 90s, Skeeterz owner Steve Wilson had a dream. A dream to cater to the thirsty traveller and the liqueur loving local alike. According to Wilson the one thing missing from the island paradise was the sort of stereotypically welcoming Caribbean bar you hear about in a certain country crooner’s songs but struggle to find in real life.

“In our minds there was no real middle ground that appealed to both locals and tourists”, says Wilson.  “Many visitors say they would like to socialize with the local islanders and seek out the proverbial tropical bar that’s reminiscent of the Caribbean culture.  A place with a lush tropical environment, hand crafted bamboo, palm fronds, hammocks, and all the things one might expect if they could magically walk into a Jimmy Buffett song.  Basically, a real ‘local style’ down island rum shop that is kicked up a notch and is just a little more comfortable, fun and accommodating to all.”

The high-end luxury resorts had the expensive tourist market covered while the local-ran rum shops had the other end cornered. Someone really needed to cover the middle.

So, in stepped Skeeterz Rum Bar to provide just that. They just needed to figure out how to go about it.

The answer was to keep things simple. If you were after some local Creole food  there was plenty of bars that would look after you, if you wanted a burger and some chicken wings with a side of alcohol, then Skeeterz was the place for you.

To make it a touch more homely, Wilson and co added,  “a lot of heavy foliage, bamboo, coconuts, drift wood, palm fronds, local arts & crafts and so on to create a really lush tropical atmosphere that is 100 percent St. Lucia”.

So besides a wonderful tropical location, what can visitors expect from the bar? Well Skeeterz Rum Bar is not backward about coming forward. According to their website, they boast the best burgers and chicken wings you’ll ever taste, an open flame BBQ and Piton Beer brewed right there on St Lucia itself.

Oh and don’t be put off by the “rum bar” moniker. If you know your whiskeys from your wines you’re probably aware that rum is a “an alcoholic liquor distilled from sugar-cane residues or molasses”, as defined by Google, or a sort of beautiful sweet whiskey by actual people. In the Caribbean though, they don’t discriminate when it comes to alcohol, rum just means liqueur of all kinds.  Skeeterz Rum Bar caters for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Money? Free time? A babysitter? Forget about it. An island paradise awaits, so book your holiday to St Lucia today and pretty soon you can be relaxing on a tropical beach, watching the salmon sun sink into the ocean while sipping a sweet tasting Skeeterz cocktail.

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