Whether it’s a time to relax and take it easy or to venture out and discover the country’s ancient history, a holiday to Greece is an excellent choice for senior travellers. What makes Greece an ideal destination for seniors is its culture, friendly locals and beautiful landmarks. You can take your time when wandering the villages and admiring the natural beauty. The country encompasses an easy-going beach life and a culture enriched with ancient history. The following spots selected are holiday destinations ideal for a senior traveller looking for a quiet getaway, whether you’re over 60 or over 70.

Here are some top destinations for senior travellers visiting Greece:

A cultural trip to Kos

Ancient ruins in Kos

Kos is the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands and is widely known for its ancient Greek and Roman landmarks, as well as its plush beaches. Although parts of Kos are a bit more developed, you can expect to find centuries-old Corinthian columns scattered around the island. Some notable spots to visit are the Tree of Hippocrates (legend has it that Hippocrates, the first known doctor, taught medicine to his students beneath this tree), an ancient temple dedicated to the first doctor, Casa Romana (a restored ancient Roman villa with artwork and mosaic), and an altar which honoured the Greek God, Dionysus. During a holiday to Kos, it’s an absolute must to venture Kos Town, where you’ll find local shops and restaurants, as well as the Old Town Market and Market Hall. What makes this an ideal holiday for seniors is the slow pace of life. Its laid back and friendly locals offer a welcoming environment to visitors. Another element that makes this island attractive is its beautiful beaches and shores. If you have decided to visit Kos, consider booking a room at the Ikos Aria Resort, so that you can enjoy the hotel’s amenities and beaches during your holiday to Greece.

The colourful island of Crete

Venetian style architecture in Crete

The largest island in Greece boasts a stunning landscape of mountains and harbours. When visiting Crete, senior travellers will enjoy the pleasant pace to village life and culture across the island. A favourite for mature travellers on a holiday to Greece is the Old Town in Chania, a picturesque harbour sprinkled in with Venetian style architecture and colourful side streets and passages. When visiting the Old Town, you can spend the entire day browsing at the charming local shops. Close by the town of Chania is the stunning Samaria Gorge, a hiking trail that offers spectacular views of the Cretan mountain range. For those who aren’t keen to walk the entire 16km, don’t fret as there are horse-led tour guides there to help get you through. The town of Elounda is another harbour town worth visiting. While the area is more developed than Chania’s Old Town, there are plenty of local markets worth checking out. Elounda is also widely known as a resort town, so why not make it your pit stop and stay at the Blue Palace Resort located along the beautiful Cretan coastline.

When in Athens

The Parthenon in the city of Athens

The birthplace of democracy stands as one of the most visited parts of the country. Unlike the neighbouring islands, the city of Athens does have a faster pace to life, as do many other cosmopolitan capitals around the world. That being said, the locals are known to be just as friendly in the city, and there is plenty of opportunities to visit the many famous ancient ruins around the city. You can simply take a tour around the town to visit sites such as the Ancient Olympic stadium, the ruins of a temple dedicated to Zeus and the Parthenon. Bear in mind when visiting the Partheon that there is an uphill climb and that many of the footings are known to be slippery due to centuries worth of markings.

A spectacular sunset in Santorini

The village of Oia at sunset

The island of Santorini is a favourite amongst tourists. It’s no wonder considering the beautiful setting and the iconic white-walled buildings and dome-shaped blue roofs. While parts of the island can be crowded, especially during tourist season, many senior travellers enjoy the charm of the island, as well as its intriguing history. When travelling to Santorini, visitors can learn the fascinating history of the Minoans, a once vibrant civilisation that has since been buried as a result of a tragic volcanic eruption in 1613 BC. You can tour the ruins in Akrotiri. The village of Oia is also a favourite spot for visitors and locals. Mostly due to the stunning views of the sunset. Be sure to visit some its charming shops and restaurants. Looking to stay in the Oia area? You can book a room at The Mystique Resort and experience the sunset from the hotel grounds.

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