For centuries people have sought ways to cleanse the body and soul. In the West, Greeks pioneered new bathing rituals that laid the foundations for spa treatments still used today. Roman bathhouses meanwhile spread all over The Empire and examples can still be found in many locations. In the Middle East spas were linked with religion. One of the pillars of Islam requires ablutions, a ritual of purification, to be undertaken before prayer can commence. Asia meanwhile perfected its own rituals with ideas such as Ganban’yoku, hot stone treatments, now practised all across the globe.

Six Senses Resorts understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to spa treatments. That’s why they’ve taken great care to ensure that your spa experience carefully mirrors the destination you are visiting. Read on to discover the lavish indulgences that await you when you visit one of Six Senses’ wonderful resorts.

The Middle East

The mysterious, alluring mountains of Oman play host to Six Senses Zighy Bay, a treasure trove of village-style accommodations found on the shores of the Musandam Peninsular. The surroundings are complimented perfectly by the spa’s range of treatments, which strictly adhere to pay homage to traditional customs.


The beauty is boundless in a Zighy Bay treatment room

The spa’s Traditional Moroccan Hammam ritual should certainly be sampled during a stay at Zighy Bay. A Kese Mitt, which doesn’t look too dissimilar to an oven glove, is used to scrub the skin after steam has had its chance to open the pores. Once the skin has been thoroughly rinsed, purifying Rasoul clay that has been perfumed with seven aromatic herbs is applied along with soothing body milk. Once completed, this ritual will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Alternatively you can opt for the Royal Moroccan Hammam which consists of a steam bath complete with black soap and eucalyptus essential oils.

The Far East

In the far-flung lands of the Far East, Six Senses boasts beautiful resorts in both Vietnam and Thailand. Careful attention has been paid to the traditional health ceremonies practised in this part of the world and they are wonderfully reflected in each of Six Senses’ regional spas.

A visit to Six Senses Samui in Thailand will see you spend a holiday in a paradisiacal setting. The spa here specialises in Thai massages with medicinal properties. For example you can opt for a Zan Na Tai massage that targets the abdominal muscles and the chest to help improve digestion and breathing. The Samathi Sensation ritual meanwhile entices deep relaxation to improve blood circulation via holistic wellness techniques.


Experience bliss with Zen Na Tai medicinal massage at Six Senses Samui

At Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam you can experience the Blanda Body Polish which is an exfoliating serum derived from a recipe used for generations by the Hmong people who reside in the mountainous areas of Vietnam and South East Asia. At Six Senses Con Dao, also in Vietnam, treatments make use of Buon Me Thuot coffee that is mixed with carrot and coconut oil to remove dead skin cells.

The Indian Ocean

Journey to the Maldives and you’ll find the delightful Six Senses Laamu where paradise really does come to life. The spa here takes inspiration from Ayurveda, a form of Hindu medicine. Kati-Vasti for instance is a treatment for the back in which warm medicinal oils and gathered on the lower spine in order to strengthen supporting ligaments and muscles. To rehydrate the skin Mukha Chikitsa is highly recommended. This treatment, which was popular with Indian and Persian nobility, greatly helps to moisturise the face. Ayurveda also knows a thing or two about massages. Udvarthana treatments for example combine massages with medicinal powders to energise the body.


The spa buildings at Six Senses Laamu inspire total serenity

As you can see, when you visit a Six Senses spa you are receiving an experience that actually adds to the appreciation of your destination. Why not check out our website and find the right Six Senses Resort for you today?

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