Sun, sand, sea… why not add a touch of snorkelling on your next trip to the Bahamas? The beauty of the Bahamas is in large part thanks to the pure waters of the ocean, which houses a huge variety of sea life and coral reefs.

Some of the most recommended areas for snorkelling are around the Out Islands of the Bahamas, such as Abaco, Harbour and South Andros Island. These low-lying islands are far less populated than the busier islands (like Nassau and Freeport) so the coral is in great condition thanks to fewer visitors.

In our increasingly polluted world it’s becoming harder to maintain and care for our planet’s natural wonders. Coral might look like sturdy pieces of rock, but it’s actually made up of very delicate animals called coral polyps and can take years to develop into the large sculptures we see today – sometimes up 10,000 years. Snorkelling and diving is a fantastic way to observe the under water life, and should be enjoyed and admired. Just remember to be kind to the animals and don’t touch the coral. It’s their home!

It’s easy to arrange excursions and diving lessons, and your hotel will be able to help you with booking great days out. You can even buy an underwater camera and film your trip, just like we did in our Kenwood video.

If, after an enlightening underwater session you feel inspired to do something for the environment, you can adopt a coral reef in the Bahamas. A $50 donation (about £31) will get you a personalised certificate, a colourful fact sheet and four Nature Conservancy magazines to name just a few things. Not to mention the overwhelming sensation of having done something great, and a lifetime of good karma coming your way.

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