Celebrating its one-year anniversary just the other week, F.A.C.E. to Face Day Spa enjoys a great location in the heart of Rodney Bay Marina, on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. The spa launched in May 2011 and its stunning location, right on the waterfront, makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind amidst glorious surroundings. Nestled amongst the vibrant shops and restaurants of the Marina, visitors can happily spend an afternoon, or even a whole day, soaking up the wonderful laid back atmosphere of the place, treating themselves to an indulgent and truly enjoyable spa treatment.

The unique ambience of Rodney Bay Marina, or as they say in St. Lucia, the good vibes, make this a popular destination on the island. Island Global Yachting (IGY) marinas such as this are among the very best in the world and there really is nowhere better to start the day than with the many delicious breakfast options to be found along the water’s edge. On a Friday night the whole marina comes alive with the buzz of locals, ex-pats and tourists alike, celebrating the end of the week at The Boardwalk Bar or sampling St. Lucia’s most authentic Italian pizzas at Elena’s.

Set in the very heart of this fantastic location, F.A.C.E. to Face Day Spa specialises in providing the very best, expertly delivered treatments for both overseas travellers and a devoted Saint Lucian clientele; customers return again and again for the high class the facials, massages and pedicure treatments, quick to sing the praises of the wonderfully skilled, warm and friendly staff.

Spa owner Tracey Farrin can boast a particularly distinguished career in the health and beauty industry, having dedicated the last 30 years of her life to training and development in the field. This means that with a visit to F.A.C.E. to Face you could not be in safer hands.

Tracey, originally for the UK, qualified as a beauty therapist in 1982 and went on to set up her own Day Spa in the North East of England. After a few years Tracey’s love of her chosen profession took a new and exciting turn as she developed the desire to share her rapidly growing knowledge with others. In 1990 Tracey ventured into Spa education after gaining her first teaching qualification. Subsequently making the move to London in 1993, Tracey progressed to become a lecturer in the beauty therapy department at The London College of Fashion. She spent a happy 11 years there, further honing her skills and passing them on to the up-and-coming beauty therapists. Also during this period she provided consultancy in the field to respected retailer Marks and Spencer.

Her impressive career lead her on to a further teaching qualification, and she progressed to take up the position of course coordinator at West Hertfordshire College. Here she helped turn around the college’s Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy department, making a significant contribution to its move from satisfactory to outstanding in the OFSTED rankings and further cementing her reputation as a leader in her field.

With this prestigious career behind her, but always on the look out for new challenges, Tracey decided that the time had come for a change in direction. In 2006 she relocated to the Caribbean, taking up a position with Sunswept Resorts St Lucia where she specialised in training up the resort’s legion of staff in the finer points of spa treatments.

Once here, Tracey quickly fell in love with the beautiful island of St. Lucia, telling me when I spoke to her,

“I particularly love that St Lucians are amongst the most friendly people in the Caribbean. There is a great community spirit here with locals and expats blending to make a really interesting place to live.”

In 2008 Tracey launched a health and beauty consultancy under the F.A.C.E. to face name in an attempt to meet the growing demand for spa expertise in the Caribbean. This grew into the day spa in 2011 and since then Tracey and her hand-picked, expert staff have not looked back.

With such a long and distinguished career, you might think that Tracey would be ready to pack away her massage oils and just be content to relax in the wonderful St. Lucian surrounds. You’d be wrong – she is as energised and excited by her job as ever, and still genuinely loves doing what she does.

“I am passionate about Holistic Therapy and have dedicated the last 30 years to training and development in this area.” She says, “I love that I get to build a great rapport with all my clients whether they are visiting for the first time, returning travellers or residents in St Lucia.” It is this famous rapport, along with an unsurpassed professional expertise that makes F.A.C.E. to Face Day Spa so unique. It is certainly a hit with the customers, one only has to read the rapturous testimonials on the spa website to get a feel of just how valued this friendly and tranquil atmosphere is by the clientele.

Expert in both holistic and more conventional beauty treatments, alongside her dedicated and friendly staff, Esther and Chrishnar, Tracey is always ready to meet customers’ health and beauty needs. “I love personally greeting all the fascinating clients we have at the marina” Tracey explains.

Aware that they have just celebrated their one-year anniversary, I’m interested to learn what is next for F.A.C.E. to Face. Tracey expresses to me that what she is really looking forward to right now is December and the 2012 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers that will see almost 300 hundred boats arriving in St Lucia. “It’s a fantastic time to visit” she tells me, “when Christmas comes early in the marina ARC village.”

Whether you are visiting for the ARC, at Christmas, or any other time, when you are in St. Lucia and find yourself in the vicinity of Rodney Bay, you could do lot worse than head down and indulge yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the marina. Whilst there, pop in and make an appointment with Tracey and the staff at F.A.C.E. to Face, for a truly outstanding spa experience that you are sure to remember for some time to come.

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