In our The Art of Escape Sale, we’re crafting holiday experiences like no other… and what could be better than a getaway designed to be as relaxing as can be? Whether you’re yearning for a restful retreat already or just interested in seeing some of our most stunning resorts, read below and let us paint you a picture of pure serenity.

There’s so many fantastic reasons to seek out a serene escape. You might be someone who enjoys taking life at a sedate pace, holidays included. You might be rewarding yourself for your hard work, seeking a well-earned sanctuary where bliss pervades every second of your stay. You might be in particular need of something relaxing, to ease the stress or struggle of recent times. No matter which of these sounds most like you, our curated portfolio of restful retreats is sure to have plenty to offer.

Forget the trials and tribulations of your daily life, and wake up to an experience that will redefine serenity for you forever. Let the soothing ebb and flow of the ocean waves draw you into a world without worry or concern, where all you need to consider is if you’d prefer to take a dip in the inviting crystal-clear sea or in the sculpted perfection of a resort pool. Lay back and allow masterful spa staff to pamper you with luxury massages and treatments, easing all trace of tension from your body, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated to enjoy everything that your resort has to offer.

We’re particularly proud of our portfolio of serene sanctuaries, with so many exquisitely beautiful resorts to discover. You’ll find idyll in each and every one of them, with a wide array of inspiring destinations to choose from. To explore a sublime selection from Malaysia, Mauritius, Zanzibar and Saint Lucia, you need only keep reading.

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

Here upon the private island paradise of Pangkor Laut, the soft ivory sands fringe a tranquil sea of unfathomable beauty. Where the beach ends, the lush gardens sprawl over the land, sheltering the roofs and facilities of Pangkor Laut Resort in a vision of beauty you’ll not soon forget. This sanctuary is a place where all concerns will ebb away like a forgotten dream, leaving nothing but the serenity and sumptuous living to enjoy.

Settle into beautiful villas set in landscaped gardens, amidst the hills, or even on a sea villa that stands upon stilts in the shallow waters of the ocean shore. Wake every morning to the sound of the waves, then watch the sun set on a vision of beauty after a day of utter relaxation. Swim in the tropically warm waters of the ocean or resort pools, wander through the verdant rainforest passing long-tailed macaques and oriental pied hornbills, sink your toes into the soft sands at Emerald Bay, and let the pure idyll of Pangkor Laut Resort ease your way into a sweeter life.

Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa

Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Resting serenely upon the most picturesque shore of Mauritius, this magnificent 5* resort stretches across pristine white sands and an atmosphere of utter indolence. Peace lies like a precious shroud across every suite and villa and every inch of beach, a blessing that will follow you through every moment spent here. Relax into one of Spa Beachcomber’s luxurious treatment rooms, enjoying massages or treatments that with soak your worries away, then lie by the sea or pool gazing with half-lidded eyes at the spectacular scenery in every direction.

Wake with Le Morne mountain as your guardian, standing tall and magnificent behind the resort, and stare out upon the incompatible beauty of the jewel-like sea at morning. Explore the waters with your choice of available watersports, or even dive beneath to witness the Mauritian wildlife treasures that roam beneath the waves. Tee off at the 18-hole golf course, soak in the sunshine, and prepare yourself for a kind of peace you’ve never known before.

The Residence Zanzibar

The Residence Zanzibar, Zanzibar

Off the coast of Tanzania sits the stunning island of Zanzibar, a beautiful island paradise that The Residence Zanzibar calls home. Relax into all-villa accommodation, enjoying oceanfront havens that look out upon a sea that glistens and glitters beneath the gaze of the sun, enjoying amenities like private gardens or even a private pool. You can watch the daylight ease away from your own secluded deck, the colours of sunset soft and resplendent in your eyes, then go in search of one of the fantastic eateries this resort has to savour.

Crafted to create an environment of pure leisure, every detail of this sanctuary is designed to sweep you away into serenity like you’ve never dreamed. Let yourself be pampered as you deserve in the Spa, reclining in one of the six luxurious pavilions for your treatment, then relaxing in the sauna or steam room with a whirlpool ‘chill area’ to cool off afterwards.

Cap Maison, Saint Lucia

Cap Maison, Saint Lucia

A picturesque jewel glimmering on the peerless shores of Saint Lucia, this gorgeous resort promises a restful escape like no other. Whether you stay in room, suite or villa, you’ll be relaxing into sumptuous comfort and elegant surroundings that are every bit as luxurious as you deserve. This perfect example of a Caribbean boutique hotel knows how to make guests feel welcome, with attentive staff whose greatest priority is your enjoyment.

Recline amidst the breathtaking beauty of the soft sandy beach and shimmering aquamarine sea, soaking in the sunshine from your deck chair. Take a relaxing dip in the cool waters of the lapping waves, or swim in the beautiful resort pools to cool off. Sublime relaxation awaits in every corner, from the spa to the stunning clifftop restaurant; no matter how you choose to while away the days, you’re sure to have the serene stay you’ve been dreaming of.

Your serene holiday escape…

If you’re dreaming of a peaceful paradise like these resorts, Kenwood Travel is here to help. Our masterful array of serene sanctuaries leaves plenty of room for choice, so you can select the destination and resort that’s just right for you. Get in touch, and our expert holiday designers will advise you on everything you desire to know, offering an artist’s expertise in choosing the right resort and incredible holiday offer for you. With Kenwood Travel, you’ll discover the true meaning of serenity.

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