Part art, part science with a touch of religion, astrology has been helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the world – and ourselves – for centuries. Everyone from popes and emperors to pop stars and actors have looked to the zodiac for guidance, inspiration and lessons in love.

To help us on our quest for a love match, astrology can give us cosmic clues on our compatibility with prospective suitors. We even consult our horoscopes for career advice and everyday decision making. Can the same logic be applied when choosing a holiday?

Deciding which city stay or beach break to book isn’t easy with the amount of choice out there. Enlisting the destination expertise and local knowledge of a travel professional (our speciality at Kenwood Travel – Ed.) certainly takes the pressure off, but what if there was a holiday hack that guaranteed the right choice every time?

What if your holiday destination was predestined?

Could the traits and qualities linked to your star sign help determine where you should go on your next getaway? Recent studies identified astrology as one of the internet’s most-searched terms, indicating its importance to millions of people worldwide while also suggesting there’s more to it than Hallmark hearsay. So if you want to match your psyche to your sun, sea and sand, let’s discover the best holiday for your star sign.


March 21st – April 19th
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Aries, you grab the world by the (ram) horns. Your confident, fiery personality means your life can be fast-paced; you’re a go-getter both in your work and social life. With Mars as your ruling planet and fuelled by the element of fire, Aries is one of the most active and dynamic signs of the zodiac, so any holiday would stir your passions. But let’s face it, the more action-packed the better. Your ever-youthful energy means staying still might release your short temper, so a fly-and-flop break isn’t for you. And with its heroic tales of bravery, the Golden Fleece myth that guides Aries means a bit of sport and competition helps you have fun.

The best holiday for your star sign: Moon Palace Cancun
This amazing three-lobby resort on the Caribbean coast in Cancun is an Aries dream. 27-hole golf, wave rider surf simulator, cenote swimming trips, Mayan history tours, wicked water sports, and buzzing night clubs keep you entertained and energised from sun-up to sun-down. And the best bit? Moon Palace Cancun is all-inclusive, so once you’ve done it all, you can do it all again.

Moon Palace Cancun

Surf’s up! There’s plenty to keep adventurous Aries entertained at Moon Palace


April 20th – May 20th
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Betrayed by goddess Hera and consigned to wander the earth in search of love, Taurus – the wandering bull – is always looking forwards. Today this could be interpreted as a simple change of direction or a shift in perspective, but there’s little doubt that Taureans make great travellers. Reliable, practical and patient, this is a star sign devoted to the finer things – music, designer clothes and fine food are their go-to comforts in life. But Taurus doesn’t want to just sit back and let it happen. Taurus’s uncompromising nature and tactile sensibility means working with your hands and reaping the rewards of your labour is important to you. Taurus is an earth sign whose ruling planet Venus keeps artistic flair flowing, so a holiday that combines these factors is sure to appeal to your natural creativity.

The best holiday for your star sign: Cooking school in Bangkok
Taurus, you love fine food, but simply dining out might not offer enough of a challenge for your hands-on approach to travel. This luxury holiday idea lets you get to grips with Thailand’s greatest export – its cuisine. At Spice Spoon cookery school at Anantara Riverside Bangkok, you’ll learn to make classic dishes like Yam Mamuoung Pla Krob, Tod Man Pla fishcakes and Tom Kha Gai soup. Each step by step, interactive cooking class is designed to reveal Thai food’s unique four-flavour balance: salty, sweet, spicy and aromatic, allowing you to recreate it for friends and family back home.

anantara riverside bangkok

Taureans satisfy their appetite for creativity with cooking classes in Bangkok


May 21st – June 21st
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
More complex creature than split personality, fun-loving Gemini is essentially seeking out the ‘lost twin’ of their star sign’s symbol. Fun-loving Gemini’s talkative, inquisitive and affectionate nature means they make great friends and companions. Fun, laughter and social interaction rank highly on their M-O (Geminis hate being alone), and their adaptability makes them effective social chameleons who can get along with anyone. These are traits backed up by Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury which represents communication and movement, and it’s these impulsive and mercurial qualities that make Geminis good artists and writers.

The best holiday for your star sign: A literary pilgrimage to Hemingway’s house in the Florida Keys
Geminis can be indecisive, so we’ve chosen the perfect holiday for you. You’re welcome. Iconic novelist Earnest Hemingway enjoyed one the most prolific spells of his career when he settled down in Florida’s Key West after travels of his own took him around the world. His house is now preserved as a museum where Geminis can discover the inspiration behind this writerly mind. Oh, and the museum tour guides love to answer questions, so curious Geminis will be in their element.

Key west sunset, Florida

Inspiration is never far away for Geminis in Florida’s Key West


June 21st – July 22nd
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
They love the arts and a good meal with friends, but Cancerians are a complex bunch. A contradictory nature (sentimental yet reluctant to show their personal side) makes them worth the challenge of getting to know though, and friends of those born under the Cancer sign are rewarded with loyalty, tenacity and a sympathetic ear. Cancerians are naturally sensitive, both emotionally and physically, which gives them a heightened response to water. Many Cancerians are therefore drawn to lakes and beaches where they can indulge in their favourite activity: relaxing by the water’s edge. Testament to this sign’s governing element of water, and echoing the tidal rhythms of its ruling planet the moon, this trait is also attributable to Cancer’s symbol of the Brave Crab. In the foundation myth, Crab’s altruistic nature and desire to help others put its own safety in jeopardy while fighting for the wellbeing of friends. After all that, we think putting your feet up and chilling out on holiday is well overdue. But Cancer can be suspicious, so they may need a little reassurance on where to go…

The best holiday for your star sign: A spa & beach break in the Maldives
For the natural water baby who’s earned some proper R&R, where better than a castaway island? We’re sending those born under the Cancer sign to the Maldives where turquoise lagoons and white-sand beaches paint the picture of paradise. Cancerians are sometimes sceptical of strangers, so the isolated feel of luxury one-resort islands like W Maldives will offer all the tranquillity they need, while award-winning ayurvedic & thalassotherapy spas and stunning water villa accommodations provide blissful escape.

W Maldives

Love nothing more than relaxing by the water’s edge? Make it W Maldives


July 23rd – August 22nd
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Leo, you’re a lion. Your leadership qualities mean you rule your pride back home, but when it comes to jetting off on the holiday that suits your astrological character traits, why not strut you stuff somewhere that provides the sense of self-awareness you crave? You’ll want plenty of sun – your ruling planet – and the chance to ‘go wild’ to stimulate your warm hearted demeanour and love of theatricality. Leos are generous, happy-go-lucky and like having fun in social groups, so you may want to invite some friends along for the ride too.

The best holiday for your star sign: A safari Holiday in South Africa
Sun, tick. Wildlife, tick. Good times guaranteed, tick. South Africa promises to tick all the boxes for Leos whose love of taking holidays is ready to move up a level. You’ll be king of the jungle – the rightful position of a fearless star sign like yourself – as you search for the Big Five on an adventurous safari holiday to South Africa.

safari jeep

Leos look out for the Big Five on safari in South Africa


August 23rd – September 22nd
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Virgo, you’re no prude; don’t let depictions of chastity and innocence suppress your adventurous side, we all know you’re a globetrotter. But where to globetrot that best suits a kind, loyal and patient nature lover like yourself? Hardworking Virgo prefers a slower approach, so long haul flights aren’t an issue for you if it means discovering far flung destinations that speak to your aesthetic sensibilities. You like quiet moments of contemplation too, and have a tendency to seek out healthy food, untouched nature and the company of animals.

The best holiday for your star sign: Zen discoveries in Japan.
The land of Shinto appeals to your affiliation with nature and the connections between all living things. Japan’s famous garden architecture will offer tranquil spaces for moments of Zen, while the country’s long culinary heritage will reveal a world of refined, healthy cuisine from sushi to tempura. Japanese influence has reached the four corners of the world, leaving the imprint of its unique food, art and culture in galleries, cinemas and restaurants everywhere. But for Virgos, only the real thing will do: a holiday to Japan. The quaint old fishing villages, snowcapped mountains and peaceful temples of this eastern gem should be on every Virgo’s bucket list.

Japan scenery

The snowcapped mountains and peaceful temples of Japan; very Virgo


September 23rd – October 22nd
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
Aesthetes, charmers, patrons of the arts and culture; Libras are fair-minded, cooperative and like to share experiences with those around them. They aim for a harmonious approach to life and resist aggression and dominating characters. With their ruling planet of Venus to guide them, Libras have expensive tastes but don’t think that means they are materialistic. As an air sign they need to be challenged intellectually and look to literature, music and good conversation for inspiration in life, and to find the balance represented by the scales symbol which defines them.

The best holiday for your star sign: A music & culture visit to Saint Lucia
Right away Saint Lucia’s breath-taking natural scenery appeals to Libra’s preference for the great outdoors. Look a little deeper than the lofty Pitons, jungle-covered uplands and white sand beaches though, and a rich island culture begins to emerge. From the books of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and the people and places that inspired him, to the vibrant calypso and soca music that fuels St Lucia’s party atmosphere, there’s so much to charm travelling Librans in this beautiful Caribbean island.

st lucia music

Music and culture on the scenic island of St Lucia. Join the party, Librans


October 23 – November 21
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto/Mars
You’re fierce and feisty, some might say stubborn. Or is it just that you’re always right? Passive people can’t keep up with you, but you’ll be a true to friend to those who show loyalty and a shared zest for life. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto which signifies transformation and change, and their element water suggests that expressing emotions and trying new experiences is important to them. If all this can lead to a life sometimes lived in flux, it is testament to Scorpios’ assertive personality that they continue to exude such a cool, calm exterior. It’s qualities like these that win Scorpios so many friends.

The best holiday for your star sign: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE
Another reason for Scorpios’ healthy network of friends is their bravery. They’re not scared of a hair-raising experience but with this daredevilry comes a desire for truth, so they’re known to often check the facts before diving in. Scorpios, are you brave enough to take on the world’s fastest roller coaster? Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is waiting. Oh yeah the facts; 240km/h in 2.9 seconds. Faster than an F1 car. You can handle it, right?

ferrari world

Scream if you wanna go faster. Oh wait, this IS the fastest rollercoaster in the world.


November 22nd – December 21st
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Symbolised by the archer and ever ready for adventure, the zodiac’s keenest travellers are intrepid, itinerant, deep thinkers with a great sense of humour. They’re generous to a fault with an idealistic urge for freedom. Don’t try and keep them in one place; they’re too busy jetsetting and exploring, challenging their philosophical mind to contemplate the meaning of life. From their ruling planet Jupiter comes their restless curiosity; from their guiding element of fire comes the desire to make it happen, often becoming impatient to experience new and exciting adventures.

The best holiday for your star sign: Island hopping in Greece.
Staying in one place isn’t an option for Sagittarians at the best of times, and especially not while on holiday. Why not opt for a spot of island hopping in Greece to ensure no two days are the same? From the shipwrecks of Zante in the Ionian chain to the sandy beaches of Skiathos in the Sporades, the sheer variety of new sights, sounds and adventures is surely a match for any Sagittarius’s restless spirit.

island hopping in greece

Islands on the horizon of another day of adventure for Sagittarians in Greece


December 22nd – January 19th
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
The goat: tenacious, fastidious… serious? That’s no bad thing. Your responsible nature, natural discipline and self-control mean you thrive in a traditional family environment, protecting your loved ones with your ‘fish tail’ which was designed to face fear, as your mythical story reveals. You’re an earth signed ruled by Saturn, so a tendency to rely on the tried and tested can be a pattern of your behaviour.

The best holiday for your star sign: A family break to Orlando’s theme parks.
You prefer things to be tried and tested, prioritise family and like to take the lead. How about treating the kids to one of world travel’s most popular holiday destinations. The magic of Disney and the unique excitement of Universal Orlando make the perfect holiday for Capricorns. Better still, the excellent selection of quality self-catering pool villas and versatile car hire packages on offer mean you’ll always be in control, never having to worry about transfer times or hotel meal time restrictions.


January 20th – February 18th
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus / Saturn
Aquarius is a true original. Their independent spirit, progressive attitudes and idealist nature cause some onlookers to cast them as outsiders. They can certainly be aloof and are often shy and retiring, but in truth they simply sometimes prefer to listen, using their knowledge to solve problems and help others. Aquarians apprehend the world first through the mind, analysing their surroundings without prejudice and instead seeing what’s around them as full of promise and possibility. This stems from the fact that Aquarius is an air sign, where imagination and mental agility can overcome the things this star sign dislikes most: boredom and limitations.

The best holiday for your star sign: A solo trip to Bali
Aquarians will eat, prey and love this holiday. While thriving in social situations, Aquarians’ inner independence and original thought processes can lead to a desire to be alone, where time can be dedicated to restoring the individual’s spiritual balance. While they avoid being lonely, Aquarians know the difference between that and being alone, so will relish the opportunity of putting their visionary gifts to the test on a blissed out holiday to Bali.

bali holidays

Discovering solitude in Bali, where better?


February 19th – March 20th
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune / Jupiter
Pisceans pine for romance and spirituality, but also like to be alone and use music and visual arts to inspire them. The gentle and wise personality traits associated with their horoscope create selfless individuals who help others with no thought of reward. This is a water sign in whom empathy is strong, which in extreme cases can even be seen as martyrdom. Neptune balances this by giving Pisces a developed sense intuition which feeds their innate artistic impulses and precocious talent for music and music appreciation. Something Pisceans will also find time for, as their fish symbol illustrates, is swimming.

The best holiday for your star sign: A snorkelling trip to Seychelles
Give yourself a break from all the do-gooding, and dive into a bit of old fashioned me time with a sunkissed break to the Indian Ocean. Book a holiday to the Seychelles where reef diving, snorkelling and swimming in the calm blue seas will be just the tonic for Pisces to bring balance and a refreshed sense of purpose.


Warm, tranquil waters in the Seychelles, perfect for keen swimmers and divers

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