Is this the best job in the world? A Dutch company is seeking a family or group of friends willing to drive around a paradise island for two weeks. You must be able to work under no pressure whatsoever, have good free-time management skills and the ability to cope with great tropical weather and stunning scenery. Does it sound like your kind of job position?

Well, it may help knowing that on top of that, you will receive 10,000 euros for doing the best job in the world during 14 days.

Satnav giant TomTom has launched a competition which will see successful participants take up to four relatives or friends to St. Lucia, Mauritius, Fiji, Cape Verde or the Seychelles. You only have to drive around these paradise islands with some equipment and help create navigable maps. Maybe this is not the best option to push your career forward, but it’s definitely a good excuse for a paid holiday.

If you are not among the lucky ones to be selected – or the job position seems too demanding – you can always enter Kenwood Travel’s latest competition and go to Mauritius for free!

We also feature excellent holiday deals for St Lucia and the Seychelles. After all, who wants to be working in paradise?

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