Who here has experienced a major street festival? Put your hands up! The dancing, the singing and colour? Yes, again. But, have you ever taken part in one? Hmmm… Enter the Hindu festival of Holi where all are encouraged to join in this beautiful festival of colour. No onlookers allowed.

Holi is an official holiday in Mauritius, with about sixty-three per – cent of the population celebrating it. The festival requires to good triumphing over evil but for visitors, it can be an amazing experience to just muck in and create havoc with the locals. You see exactly that happening in the video above…

It also marks the beginning of spring when flowers are in bloom. I have many funny memories of Holi as I grew up in India. I know my family used to avoid going out at all because we expected balloons filled with water and colour to be thrown at us whether we liked it or not!

And that is the beauty of this festival. Locals in Mauritius are well known for their hospitality and their welcome and so you can be sure that you will have a wonderful time.

While you are in Mauritius, why not sample natural drinks such as coconut water and sugar cane juice? Or just enjoy the sun, the sand and the sounds of different cultures and people.

What is your favourite festival? Let us know.

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