Check out our list of festivals and events in Saint Lucia before planning your holiday to the Caribbean island. From colourful carnivals to the renowned Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, religious celebrations or sport competitions, there is always something going on in this paradise destination. Take a look at our top things to do in Saint Lucia.

October 2013

Creole Heritage Month (From October 1) – One of the two most important floral cultural festivals on the island, the Creole Heritage Month is mainly celebrated in the more rural communities. You will enjoy street dances, colourful costumes, traditional folk music and hypnotic drumming.

Jounen Kweyol Entenasyonnal (October 27) – This festival celebrates this popular dialect of French, widely spoken in the Caribbean. Expect a rich mix of Kweyol or Creole food, music, games and folklore.

November 2013

Health & Wellness Retreat (November 1 to 3) – Saint Lucia hosts the annual Health & Wellness Retreat.

ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (November 24 – December 30) – The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is an annual transatlantic sailing competition for racer and cruiser yachts. ARC starts at the end of November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and ends before Christmas in the Caribbean destination Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia.

December 2013

St Lucia Scuba Diving

National Day (December 13) – Festival of Lights and Renewal. Saint Lucians celebrate their National Day with light: light sculptures, lantern contests, and many other spectacles.

Christmas Holidays (December 24 – 26) – Swap coats and mulled wine for swimming gear and pina coladas. Get ready for a different Christmas holiday

January 2014

New Year’s Day (Jan 1) – Assou Square activity in Castries. Assou Square is a community family friendly event that offers live entertainment, games and rides for children.

Nobel Laureate Week (January 20 – 26) – Saint Lucia pays tribute to its two Nobel laureates Sir Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott who won the Nobel Prizes in Economics (1979) and Literature (1992).

February 2014

Independence Day (February 22) – On this day Saint Lucia celebrates its anniversary of independence from British rule, which lasted until 1979.

May 2014

Labour Day (May 1)

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival (May 1 – 11) – One of the major events on Saint Lucia’s calendar of events, the première musical festival in the English-speaking Caribbean – Saint Lucia Jazz – is a must for music aficionados.

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Main Stage (May 12)

June 2014

Fisherman’s Feast or Fete Peche (June 24) – This is a celebration by the island’s fishermen. It’s a very colourful festival and has a deep significance among the locals.

Saint Lucia Carnival – (June 27 – July 15) – Carnival celebrates Saint Lucian art, culture music and dance. The Carnival Parade brings the festival to a climax.

July 2014

Carnival Pageant (July 14) – Choc Rondabout to Castries

Parade of Bands (July 15) – Choc Rondabout to Castries

August 2014

Emancipation Day (August 1) –  On August 1, 1834, slaves in the British Empire emancipated. Emancipation Day is widely celebrated throughout the English-speaking Caribbean to commemorate this landmark event.

Feast of St. Rose De Lima or La Rose (August 30) – One of two rival floral cultural festivals on the island and celebrated primarily in the more rural communities.

October 2014

Creole Heritage Month-Folk Research Centre

Thanksgiving Day (October 7)

Saint Lucia Bill Fish Tournament (TBA)

Feast of Le Marguerite – Creole Flower Festival (October 17)

Jounen Kweyol Entenasyonnal – Creole Festival (October 26)

November 2014

Saint Lucia Health & Wellness Retreat (TBC)

ARC – Atlantic Race for Cruisers (Nov 24 – Dec 22)

December 2014

Festival of Lights & Renewal Festival of Light / Lantern Parade (Dec 12 – 13)


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