The majestic creatures of the sea have inspired centuries worth of legendary tails. With their colourful fins, sea salt hair and mysterious demeanor, it’s no wonder that plenty of men and women have dreamt of becoming a mermaid. Well, now you can. Our mer-mazing travel experts have searched every part of the ocean to find the world’s top mermaid experiences, institutions and programmes to help you achieve your full mes-merising potential. 

AquaMermaid in Tulum, Mexico

The Tulum Mermaid Excursion offers free transportaion to a local Cenote

For those going on holiday to Mexico, swim over to AquaMermaid in Tulum to learn the fins and out of what it takes to be a magical sea creature. The Tulum Mermaid Excursion offers visitors the full-mermaid treatment from start to finish. With free transportation, each participant can journey to a cenote, a magical lagoon with a gorgeous tropical backdrop, the perfect place to take mermaid swimming lessons and photo-ops with your new fins.

Siernas Mediterranean Academy, Barcelona, Spain

Siernas Mediterranean Academy offers lessons in anything and everything about being a mermaid

For many professions in life you’ll need to have completed a degree or attend a specific institution. To become a mermaid, the logical place to begin your journey is by attending Mermaid school. In Spain, you can attend the Siernas Mediterranean Academy which can be found just outside of Barcelona. Learn the history and mythology of mermaids as well as key movements and swimming lessons you’ll need with your new tail.

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Swim on over to Ariel’s Grotto in Walt Disney World to meet your favourite Little Mermaid

What better way to learn how to be a mermaid then meeting one in real life? Visit Walt Disney World in Orlando and paddle your way over to Ariel’s Grotto in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. Rumour has it that Ariel is also known to make an appearance Disney’s Art of Animation Resort too. Make the most of your holiday to Walt Disney World by immersing yourself into the story of The Little Mermaid. Dive into the Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid ride which can also be found in Fantasyland at Prince Eric’s castle. If you happen to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure to catch the Voyage of The Little Mermaid Show.

Hotel del Corondao, San Diego, California

The iconic San Diego hotel hosts mermaid-themed excersise classes and a mermaid camp for little ones

The iconic San Diego hotel has attracted myriad of famous guests since its opening. These days it’s the centre of mer-aholics looking to make a splash on their California holiday. Guests can take part in the hotel’s unique Mermaid Fitness session in the main pool. The 45-minute sessions are held every Friday to Sunday at 8am and consist of swimming, core, cardio and strength exercises. (Mermaid tails will be provided to all participants.) Little mermaids can also have their fun at the DelVenture activity centre’s Mermaid and Pirates camps. Book your stay at Hotel del Corondao with our California experts on 020 7749 9252.

Mermaids of Arabia, Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Sea if you can catch one of the Mermaids of Arabia performances at The Dubai Aquarium

From makeovers to mystical underwater performances, what more could you ask for in a mermaid-filled day? Mermaids of Arabia is the region’s leader in aquatic performances, featuring real mermaid performances at The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and Yas Waterworld. Aspiring mermaids of all ages can visit the Mermaid Boutique at the Mall of Emirates for a full glam-mer makeover, and a chance to meet a mermaid in real life. Large groups can even arrange private events with fun-filled activities and marine-themed snacks. Enjoy free hourly shuttles to the Mall of Emirates when you choose to book your Dubai holiday at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeriah.

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, Maui

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers you the chance to purchase your very own fin to take home with you. 

Looking to really live like a real mer-creature?  Why not unleash your inner mermaid in the Pacific Ocean! The Hawaii Mermaid Adventures in Maui invites participants to take part in swimming lessons and under water photo-ops during their daily sessions. Whether you choose to have private lessons, or take part in group sessions you’ll have an in-FIN-ite amount of fun. Hawaii Mermaid Adventures also hosts Mermaid lessons at the Hyatt Regency Resort at Spa’s main swimming pool. With the Hawaii Mermaid Adventure experience, you can get professional photos taken of you in your mermaid glory, and even purchase your very own fin to take home with you. 


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