Aside from the obvious travel resolution that we all have in mind (to do it way more, of course), the experts at Kenwood have come up with a few ways in which we could actually travel better in 2020. So if you’re going to pass on the unsustainable gym and diet combo this time round, you may want to aim towards fulfilling these 5 golden travel resolutions instead. None of them involve reducing your calorie intake so we’re already sold:

1.Travel in the moment with a digital detox

The digital detox travel trend has been around for a while, but in 2020 we challenge you to be stricter about it. Instead of making a feeble pseudo-attempt not to snap yet another beach selfie with an instant social media upload, we suggest laying down some solid ground rules for your digital devices. This might be banishing phones from the table at mealtimes, setting internet-free time periods throughout the day, or declaring your whole holiday a social media-free zone. Are bragging rights one of the best things about travel? Admittedly, yes. Can they wait until you’re home? Definitely.

Travel resolutions for 2020

New year, new you. Time to put the phone away and start living in the moment.

2.Travel out of your comfort zone

We all have our favourite haunts, our go-to destinations, and our habitual holiday-making pastimes. This year, push your boundaries with somewhere you’ve never been before, or a style of travel you wouldn’t ordinarily sign up for. Go in search for the most majestic alpine sunset, discover the art of solo travel, plunge yourself into a bustling city centre and simply enjoy getting lost: 2020 is your year of adventure. If this is all sounding a little too freewheeling and radical, you can also find adventure in the little things: trying a brand new dish, haggling at a market, taking a spontaneously scenic detour on a drive.

Travel resolutions for 2020

Push your limits and surprise yourself by trying something new on holiday.

3.Travel speaking the local language

Generally speaking, British people have the terrible habit of presuming that their host country will understand English and failing to pick up the local lingo. If this is you, we urge you to leave your lack of languages in 2019. It’s easier now than ever before to learn the language of your choice, with hundreds of free apps out there to help you. You don’t need to be fluent before you travel (although that’s the dream) – you just need to have at least a few basic phrases which, more than anything, show you’re trying. Knowing how to say hello, goodbye, please, and thank you, along with a winning smile will go a long way.

Travel resolutions for 2020

A little effort makes a big difference – it starts with just a few key phrases.

4.Travel more responsibly

We can all do more to protect our planet, and travelling greener, cleaner and more responsibly is a great place to start. Whether it’s carbon offsetting your flights, choosing an eco-friendly hotel, or opting to go disposable plastic-free for the duration of your holiday, your 2020 travel resolution could have a positive impact on the environment. You may also find that the greener options once you arrive put you in better touch with your surroundings, making for a more valuable travel experience: take public transport to get around, eat more local produce, sign up for a small tour with an ecological or charitable focus.

Travel resolutions for 2020

Become a mean, green, environment-protecting machine on your next escape.

5.Travel your bucket list

Make 2020 a year to remember by ticking something off that ever-growing bucket list. Don’t yet have a bucket list? Well, step one is to put pen to paper and get those wanderlust cravings down. You can organise them based on location or rough cost of the trip – whichever makes you feel that little bit closer to achieving your travel goals. There’s no time like the present, so we’re resolving to drop the excuses and make sure there’s enough time and money to do something we’ve always wanted to do. It all starts with the list.

Travel resolutions for 2020

Make the journey count and do something you have always dreamed of doing.

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Resident foodie and festival-obsessive, Georgia is always looking for her next big adventure. Between writing and researching for Kenwood, she can usually be found thinking about her next meal or exciting getaway (sometimes both at the same time). While frequenting obscure gigs and discovering local delicacies are major hobbies, she also gets a thrill from correcting our wayward grammar and spelling.

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