This week, we’re looking at total fitness programmes worldwide, to create a snapshot of resorts dedicated to getting you fit and healthy.

We figured that, actually, it’s the beginning of February rather than January that we all start to feel that pang of guilt. It’s right about now that we begrudgingly join a gym, only to realise seven months and several pounds out of pocket later that all we’ve managed is to attend the world’s most expensive sauna on a regular basis, and little else.

The thing is you WANT to use the sauna; you’re fairly indifferent about the treadmill. So in contrast to yesterday, where we demonstrated how Saint Lucia retreat The BodyHoliday LeSPORT creates entire seasons of lifestyle fitness coaching and a yearlong programme of wellness events, today we take a different tack – into the world of extreme rest. Allow us to introduce to you The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Malaysia.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is a wellness centre like no other. An oasis buried deep in the Malaysian jungle, The Banjaran is found a short distance from Ipoh and Cameron Highlands, and about two hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

With only 25 luxury villas embedded under limestone cliffs within the lush green rainforest, The Banjaran screams exclusivity. The feeling when you’re there is just that, but not the for reasons of lavish expense. The service, scenery and design are meant to be harmonious, as nature itself supports your total relaxation.

And it works. You wake to the sounds of the jungle, the titular hot spring lake your doorstep, the entire resort surrounded and secluded by spectacular limestone rock faces. You have use of your own plunge pool and geothermally heated whirlpool, in amongst the beautiful gardens, waterfalls and the enticingly titled ‘Outdoor Rainforest Shower’. The spa and wellness centre employs ancient Malay, Chinese and Indian techniques to exceptional effect as every stroke of the hand across your tense back sends you to a blissful heaven, aided by an accompaniment of rushing water as it tumbles from the jungle rock.

Total Fitness in The Banjaran Bar, Kenwood Travel

The Banjaran is like a naturally formed theme park of relaxation. Venture beneath the surface and you discover prehistoric, naturally heated caves, one of which serves as a thermal steam cave.

The secret to the springs is a unique and extraordinary phenomenon, making this an exclusive resort in the purest sense. The mountain lake upon which The Banjaran sits is essentially a massive coffee percolator. Rainwater is fed through the limestone cliffs to a natural underground reservoir, geothermally heated by the Earth’s mantle as it passes down through the stone, which also provides the water with dissolved minerals. For every 100 metres it falls, the water increases temperature by approximately 3-4 degrees Celsius. At its lowest point, nearly 1.5 kilometres below the surface, the water is at a temperature of 80 Celsius. The dissolved gases and extreme pressure then push this hot water – which flows at an astonishing rate of roughly 2,000 litres per minute – back towards the surface, cooling as it does. When the pressurised water finds a crack in the crust, it bubbles through rock fractures as a hot spring.

Banjaran Infographic for Total Fitness Week on Kenwood Travel

The intricate systems of The Banjaran capture this water at the source and feed every auspice of the resort, creating this truly remarkable experience that cannot be missed.

Why not give one of Kenwood Travel’s experts a call and find out how you can take advantage of the following offer:

From £1,735 per person:

– Travel from April-October 2013

– 7 nights Bed & Breakfast

– Water Villa

– Flights with Malaysian Airlines to Kuala Lumpur (transfers not included)

Check back tomorrow for our next instalment of Total Fitness Week.

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